Events for 10/5 — 10/9/2009

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s what’s on the schedule for next week —

ChangeWorks Forum:

On Monday, October 5, at 3PM EST, we will have our weekly ChangeWorks Forum teleconference. This week, the main topics will be Integrating Maps of Humanity, Drawing Tension Curves and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In the first part of the call, I’ll share the “Maps of Humanity” I was given following my completion of the Clifton StrengthsFinder® (a gift of Ajai Singh) and the DiSC PortraitSystem(tm) (a gift of blog reader, Bill Downing) — as well as the DiSC Indra instrument, which Dave Miller will explain. We’ll take a look at the maps and see how they would overlay the ChangeGrid — and what new insights emerge from the integration.  I’ll show the diagrams onscreen during the webinar, but here are links to them if you’d like a preview:

CLICK to download the StrengthsFinder Key

CLICK to download my DiSC Portrait Predictor

CLICK to download the DiSC Indra Assessment

We will also explore a couple of questions that were posed to me via email this past week:  1) What is a Tension Curve? and 2) How could the ChangeGrid be used with veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?  I’ll explain the process of drawing a Tension Curve — and give all of you a chance to test out the skill yourselves.  We’ll also talk about crafting an activity list appropriate for PSTD.

This call is open to ALL graduates and current students of the ChangeWorks Practitioner training program.  You can register by following this link:

“The Business of Change” Webinar:

At 2PM EST on Tuesday, October 6, we have scheduled an orientation to the ChangeWorks System for human develop professionals curious about the tool and how it might help them in building their businesses and providing their clients with an even more impactful experience.  If you have colleagues you think would be interested, please encourage them to join in!

This call is open to ANYONE who would like to attend.  You can register by following this link:

Gold Team Corporate Business Builder Teleconference:

At 11AM EST on Thursday, October 8, we will continue our discussions about pursuing ChangeWorks-related opportunities within corporate or organizational clients. This week we will review the introductory articles I’ve written for Corporate, Individual and Professional visitors to our website — and discuss elements you would like to see included in the printed reports generated by the ChangeWorks System. If you would like to have input in the development of marketing materials and website copy for attracting more corporate clients to your practice — or have an opinion about the style and format of the printed reports, I STRONGLY suggest you carve out time to participate in these calls.

This call is open exclusively to Gold & Platinum team members only.  You can register by following this link:

Gold Team Continuing Education Teleconference:

On Friday, October 9, at 11AM EST, we will continue our exploration of  “Customer Experience Management” — focusing this week on the 10 “Milestone Events” for making a strong first impression.  Those of you who missed the first call in the series can catch up by listening to the recording.  Please contact Steven for the link at or give us a call at 704-987-6500.

This call is open exclusively to Gold & Platinum team members only.  You can register by following this link:

Please join us for these events!

– T –


4 Responses to Events for 10/5 — 10/9/2009

  1. I believe the link for the Monday fouum call is incorrect. It keeps taking me to the Oct. 9 Gold Team call…..Thornton

  2. Thanks, Thornton –I fixed it.

  3. Dave Miller says:


    Another DiSc tool that provides a “map variation” is DiSC Indra. What’s cool about this tool is that you can put multiple people on the same map and it discusses “goodness of fit.” It might be interesting to look at your Napier team on it (or you and Linda).


    • Hi, Dave — I did a google search for a sample report and found one! Can you present an overview of this? Would you be available for Monday’s Forum call? If you are, I’ll go ahead and post it to the blog. Thanks —

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