Looking for your input …

Hi, Everyone!

So I’m writing these articles for the new website and I come up with a couple of ideas for potential headlines …

“Does your company have a tension management issue?”

“10 sure signals your company has a tension management problem!”

… and it occurs to me that while ALL we ever talk about IS tension management, I’ve never tried to DEFINE it in a sentence.

So I would be VERY interested in how each of you would answer the question, “What is ‘tension management’?”

I eagerly await your responses!

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Thanks —

– T –


9 Responses to Looking for your input …

  1. Doug Price says:

    Good morning T,

    Thought you might be interested in the perception of someone relatively new to ChangeWorks. Here goes…

    “Tension management is a clearly defined process for effectively managing personal and professional change that allows one to create and maintain consistent focus on the execution of a set of critical tasks determined necessary to successfully achieve a defined outcome.”

    My best,


  2. Dave Miller says:

    I really like Doug’s definition. My idea was more basic and not as sexy from a marketing point of view:

    “Tension management is the process of managing a person’s level of urgency to perform a specific task within a specific moment in time.”

    • For me ‘tension management’ is the ability to know and keep aligned, people’s personal core values, with the values and ethics of a socially conconscious organizational mission. It is the mechanism for supporting people in their personal and professional development as well as their job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

  3. Bill Downing says:

    From my limited perspective this is what I am reading. There is an art to bringing a person to their peak performance without pushing them over the cliff. Like a race car driver that is always pushing their car to the outer limits without spinning out and crashing the car. That is tension management!

    “Tension management is the ability to create optimal performance in a person or business.”

  4. I would define tension management as “the ongoing examination, guidance, and direction of the mental, emotional, and physical activity that an individual or group applies to a specific situation or need.”

  5. “Self regulation” is what cones up for me
    Part of the EQ competencies i.e self awareness , self mastery and interpersonal skill

  6. Tension Management: Conscious re-direction of perceptions, beliefs and attachments for a predetermined outcome. In short: Control with a small “c”.

  7. Augusta says:

    Tension management is the skill of maneuvering energy to find just the right tension to complete a task–not too little, not too much.

  8. Barbara says:

    T – and others…for marketing purposes, I like the short, concise phrases such as those suggested by Bill and Augusta – references to optimal performance without going over the edge, maneuvering energy to get the right level of
    tension. In the business realms I operate in, this style of definition reduces the “psychological jargon” if you will – (no insult intended to the psychologists among us!) I like simplicity. Look forward to seeing the results of all this combined intelligence!

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