Why Businesses Need ChangeWorks

Hi, Everyone!

As I said in my last post, I’m writing a lot of copy for the new website — and I thought I’d run some of it by you and get your feedback before we start uploading everything.

This particular piece is intended to set the stage and grab the attention of  Corporate Visitors to the website.  It feels a bit long, and I wouldn’t mind eliminating TWO of the scenarios to make it an even 10.  At any rate, here it is, for your consideration:


12 Sure Signs that Your Company has a Tension Management Problem — and What You Can DO to FIX it!

Every day, business leaders in every industry all around the world cope with profit-eating, productivity-draining performance issues that could have been prevented — and the real problem isn’t what they think it is.  They aren’t paying attention to the most critical factor in management — the crucial ingredient that determines WHAT their employees will actually DO — and WHEN they will do it.  They don’t know what it is, and even if they did, they wouldn’t know what to do about it.  WE DO — and for the past 25 years, we’ve helped managers, executives and entrepreneurs harness personal and staff productivity through the skills of Tension Management, taught in our proprietary ChangeWorks training programs.

So, does your company have a tension management problem?

The statements that follow are among the most common concerns we hear from the executive and management professionals we’ve worked with. How many of them resonate with you?

1) My employees are not as productive as I need them to be — and nowhere near as productive as I know they could be.

2) My employees are frequently distracted by all sorts of external concerns that draw their attention away from what they really need to be doing.

3) Some of my key employees are talking about quitting — or have already taken their talents elsewhere, leaving me with expanding vacancies in a climate of hiring freezes — and worried about what happens when one-of-a-kind employees leave.

4) My employees are dealing with the exodus of fellow team members — and the loss of friendships and camaraderie has knocked the wind out of team spirit, replacing work-related excitement with relationship-centered grief.

5) Hours of my management team’s productivity are being lost every day, handling employee issues related more to personal stress and anxiety than to the work at hand.

6) People aren’t giving ME the respect I deserve — or the effort I’ve paid them for.

7) The tasks of leadership have exceeded the abilities and capacity of growing numbers of our management and executive team members at a time when the burden of leadership is greater than ever before.

8) Employee development in my company isn’t progressing as quickly as it could — and many of my employees are feeling trapped on a slow road to nowhere.

9) My veteran staff members are becoming increasing complacent, ambivalent and apathetic about the mission of our organization and their passion for its pursuit — and they don’t seem all that eager to change.

10) The projects that arise from our strategic planning initiatives are never as thoroughly implemented as we need them to be — and even those that have been implemented are difficult to maintain.

11) Managing change has proven to be a source of great struggle, resulting in dissention, conflict and political posturing.

12) Our bottom-line focus has shifted from growth to survival, deflating the egos of key staff members and undermining their resolve.

Whether just one — or EVERY one — of the scenarios covered above are a part of your current reality, you DO have a tension management problem — and we can help!

ChangeWorks is the world’s first and only tension management system, providing you with the insights, tools and techniques for maximizing productivity, even in times of greatest challenge.

We encourage you to learn more about ChangeWorks!


If you have any comments you’d like to share or revisions you’d like to suggest, I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment here, send me an email or give us a call!

Thanks so much —

– T –


7 Responses to Why Businesses Need ChangeWorks

  1. I like this and can identify with most of them. Number 6 I would leave out because for me, ‘I deserve respect’ has a personal stake versus an organizational stake associated with it. I would not want to appear as if we move people towards an ‘I deserve respect’ philosophy or type of thinking. Respect is earned by who one is being in the face of constraints and barriers that allow people to grow personally and be productive and an organization to be profitable.

  2. I think the complete list of 12 items will strongly resonate with corporate leaders but if I really had to take two items off to make it a 10 point list I’d would have to go with 6 followed by 4.

  3. Bryan Dilts says:

    I think it is a a great article.

    Some of the scenarios have less impact than they could. For instance I would turn #8 around and start with “My employees feel trapped…”

    7, 9, and 10 could have more impact because they are great subjects, but don’t have enough tension in the first 6 words.

  4. Love it, T! You are the most productive person I’ve ever met… and things you produce are so thourghful and insightful.. and make great marketing material! Good mix of things.. there is something to resonante with everyone… and each can be developed on their own for specific audiences, too…

  5. It is sure to get attention. However, I am not sure of scenario #6. While it reveals tension, I am wondering if the message is a little too personal. Concerning the issue of paying for effort, perhaps a reference could be made to costs vs. benefits or expense vs. income.

  6. I would eliminate No. 6. Even though you asked about the removal of 2, the remaining 11 all seem relevant to me.

  7. THANK YOU for all of your suggestions! I’ll do a little editing and show you what I come up with!

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