Creating an Activity List for Corporate Marketing

Hi, Everyone!

On today’s Gold Team Corporate Business Builder teleconference, we worked our way through the revisions many of you suggested following my post from a few days ago, “Why Businesses Need ChangeWorks.”

While I was hoping to reduce the list from 12 to 10, today’s conversation actually EXPANDED the list to 15! That’s not a bad thing, necessarily — it just shows how desperately businesses need all of you!  So, I’ve made the next round of revisions, which you can now download as a Word document:

Why Businesses Need ChangeWorks — Revised

So what’s next?

First, look over the latest revisions and let me know if there are any further suggestions you would like to make, either by commenting here or sending me an email.

Second, for EACH of the 15 situations listed, propose one or more mission-critical activities that pinpoint the key skills required for correcting or preventing the situation.  You can probably do this most efficiently by directly inserting the activities into the Word document and sending it over to me.  I’ll compile all of them and present the results on our next call.

One last thing … as Yvonne Wheeler brought up on the call, her primary focus is on governmental applications of the ChangeWorks System — and I know several of you are also working with various governmental groups — so I would like to suggest we develop a list of scenarios such groups would be experiencing.  How many of you would find that valuable?

Thank you for all of your help on this.  I hope that as you participate in this project, you’re also learning more about tension management and how to use the ChangeGrid to bring more of the clients you want most into your reality.

– T –


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