NEW ChangeWorks Certification Requirements

Hi, Everyone!

Before you read any further, please note that the following information DOES NOT apply to anyone who became a Certified ChangeWorks Practitioner prior to October 15th, 2009. Since that date is still a few days away, NOTHING is changing for ANY of you.

As we have continued to present and refine the training for ChangeWorks Professionals, we’ve recognized the need to offer a choice in the level of “seriousness” with which students pursue the program.

In large part, this is an accommodation for corporate students — managers and executives who want to gain basic knowledge and practical skill in the use of the ChangeGrid with their employees, but who are NOT interested in meeting the training and testing requirements for certification.

With that in mind, our new curriculum, beginning with the upcoming program in San Francisco October 22-24, has been split into two parts: Practitioner Training and Practitioner Certification.

ChangeWorks Practitioner Training:

We will continue to offer ChangeWorks Practitioner training in both a webinar series and live workshop format.

The webinar series has been expanded from 6 weeks to 8 weeks in order to provide more time for Group Profiling and Marketing Profiles to be explored.

The 3-day workshop will cover most of the same material, with a few adjustments to free up more time for exercises in designing, administering and interpreting ChangeGrids.

Our intention over the next few months is to migrate several sections of the training to pre-work assignments, ultimately offering a self-paced, web-based option for completing the program.

ChangeWorks Practitioner Certification:

After their Practitioner training, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue the “Certified ChangeWorks Practitioner” designation. There will be a separate testing fee for Bronze and Silver Team members, which will be waived for members of the Gold Team.

The certification process should be completed in 90 days or less following the completion of the ChangeWorks Practitioner training program.  There are 3 steps:

Step 1: Pass a written exam.

The exam is 100 questions, covering core concepts presented over the course of the training program.

Step 2: Complete 10 ChangeWorks Profiles.

Next, Candidates design, administer and interpret 10 customized ChangeWorks profiles for a combination of Certified ChangeWorks Practitioners and other human development professionals, each of whom is asked to complete a brief feedback report.  The sessions are also recorded and reviewed by a ChangeWorks Certifier.

Step 3: Pass an oral exam.

Once all 10 feedback reports have been received, the Candidate’s certifier conducts a final oral exam, asking the Candidate a series of questions based on the ChangeWorks profiles submitted during Step 2.

Candidates who complete and pass all three steps will be awarded the “Certified ChangeWorks Practitioner” designation.

We are open to any ideas you may have about ways to make the certification process more valuable and meaningful for everyone involved.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to chat!

– T –


2 Responses to NEW ChangeWorks Certification Requirements

  1. dadoften says:

    If you need someone to practice the test on, I like taking the tests occasionally to see where I need to refresh my skills.

  2. I recommend you also establish some time limits for each one of the certification criteria. For example, you must take the written exam within xxx days of completing the 3-day training or webinar series. Otherwise, you may have people who’ve gone through the training claiming they are ‘certified’ or simply the situation of people who just never get to completing their certification.

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