San Francisco ChangeWorks Class Photo

Hi, Everyone!

Shags Shagrin sent over this snapshot of the group attending the ChangeWorks Practitioner training program we conducted in the San Francisco Bay Area last week. Some of the participants have attempted to carefully conceal themselves, but we know who you are!!


October 2009 — San Francisco Class Members

Row 1 — Shags Shagrin

Row 2 — Frances Trant, Sandy Stober, ME, Susan Blake

Row 3 — Chris Williams, Martha Hanlon, Nancy Montier, CeCe Converse, Nancy Dadami

Row 4 — Howard Bloom, Stacy Kellogg, Veronica Raya, Debra Culbertson, Joe Novosel, Donna Love, Veronica Wolfe, Karya Lustig, Marcey Vasumpaur, Paula Schiff, Norman Tooley, Paul Plamondon

Not shown (or hiding extremely well) — Thornton Prayer, Marian Shapiro, Jodie Charlop

I hope we have everyone named correctly.  Let me know if we’ve made any mistakes!



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