QUIZ: The DownSide of OutGrid

Hi, Everyone!

You would think I planned this, but I didn’t.

Before the ChangeWorks community could begin responding to yesterday’s quiz, I received another very interesting ChangeGrid.  Take a good look at it, then answer my three questions:


The DownSide of OutGrid (CLICK to view full-size)

For starters, what was your immediate reaction to this ChangeGrid?  While it seems very promising, remember that every location on the ChangeGrid has both positive and negative aspects — and that instantaneous value judgments are frequently wrong.

In fact, many ChangeWorks Professionals may think that this pattern indicates that the person is on track and in hot pursuit of their goals — an individual who DOESN’T need any outside help.

While there are a lot of wonderful things we can say about plotting reasonably OutGrid — and a lot of warnings we could share about the activities in the OutGrid Danger Zone — there are a few questions we need to explore, and this time, they won’t be so easy!

1) In a ChangeGrid so full of confidence, intention and engagement, what is the BIG question we need to answer to determine if execution is likely to occur?  Or, to put it another way, how could this pattern result in absolutely NOTHING getting done?

2) Activities #1 and #3 make me want to ask for an explanation … of what??

3) What insights, advice or warnings would you share with the ChangeWorks professional as they work with this client? Where is their greatest opportunities to be of service?



3 Responses to QUIZ: The DownSide of OutGrid

  1. Bryan Dilts says:

    1. The big question is “Where is the threshold of activation?”

    2. Why do you rate the challenge that high? Was it just to match your ability?

    3. Call me crazy. I’m going off the deep end here. This grid makes me start to think that the person is really in Apathy or potentially extreme in-grid while denying it. That they don’t want to get started. That outgrid extreme may really be only apparent power.

    Subtract 8 from Ability and 8 from Challenge and replot all the points. Does that now show what the true tension is? When they filled it out did they reason that they may feel the activities really are easy, and they may not have much skill but it is more than enough to get those things done. Hmmmm. Salesman, SVP sales or CEO?

  2. 1) So many items are around the heartline – it’s an observational, considering place to be. Is it fair to say the tension is balanced?

    2) If you are absolutely clear on your goal, and you are a 12 at creating a resume that sells, why are you still looking for work? What activities aren’t listed here that have you still looking? What beliefs are hidden here?

    3) Warning – this could be the look of someone who’s given up. I imagine they’ve been through all the training and then some on writing resumes and interviewing; they’ve been on lots of interviews, networked, and don’t perceive them to be a challenge. This has a feel of apathy to it, believe it or not. I’ve spoken at several job search group meetings, you’ll find lots of these people here – talented, capable, powerful, they embraced the education available. And there are no jobs. Maybe this person needs to re-define their job goal and that would upset the whole grid!

  3. G Sairamesh says:

    Looks like potential recruiters or hirers are in trouble.

    The person is likely to overdo, be fast paced and jump multiple lanes, as a panelist I am going to be conscious about this individuals drivenness and ask some unstructured interview questions to dig into the behavior.

    Activity 1,3,&10 seem to give me a feeling the respondent is truly in apathy state as of now and hence he is perhaps experiencing the need to prove and therefore the drive.

    Good exercise T, compliments to John.

    Rgds – Sai

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