List of CW/MS Professionals

Hi, Everyone!

I just created a new page here on the blog (next to my bio) entitled “Professionals” — and I’m curious to get your input.

My intention is to provide all of the ChangeWorks & MasterStream Professionals with an easy way to contact one another — BUT I don’t want to put it up in a format that Internet spiders (worms? creepy-crawlers?) could use to harvest your contact information.  So I put it up as a PDF document without email hyperlinks. When you click on the link, it will download the latest edition of the list to your computer.

So I’m curious, do you like having the list here?

While you’re looking it over, if you notice any mistakes, want different contact information used or prefer to be removed from the list altogether, just let me know.

For those of you who are NOT listed, it just means that you haven’t graduated yet or haven’t told us which support package you want. Just give us a call at 704-987-6500 and we can finish things up.



One Response to List of CW/MS Professionals

  1. Patty Block says:

    I like the list – great idea!

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