Do-It-Yourself De-Motivation

Hi, Everyone!

Earlier today, Daniel Latch sent me a wonderful poster he created on For those of you who aren’t familiar with the website, it’s a satirical knock-off of the motivational posters you’ve all seen, no doubt, for YEARS — in fact, I suspect the two companies are more closely related than one might think.

Despair’s de-motivational posters are as hysterical as they are, quite sadly, true. For evidence of that, check out the poster for “Dysfunction” — or just click around for a while.

Anyhoo — they now have a FREE feature that allows you to create a do-it-yourself version — and Daniel created this:


A Daniel Latch Original from (CLICK to view full-size)

Of course, for a fee you can have your design printed up as a poster or a coffee mug or just about anything else you can imagine — and here’s the real shocker — you can also use it to create HAPPY, POSITIVE, MOTIVATING messages too!

I’d LOVE to have a full set of graphics for all of the levels of tension — so why don’t some of you creative types give it a try and impress us all with your artistry and cleverness. Maybe I’ll even create a “Gallery” or “Refrigerator Door” page here on the blog to show off what you’ve done!

Just go to: and click on the “DIY Tools” link in the uppermost right corner of your screen.



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