ChangeGrid Holiday Gift Ideas

Hi, Everyone!

It’s getting to be that time of year again when everyone is trying to come up with the perfect gift for the people who matter most to them — and that got me thinking!

How many ways could you turn a ChangeGrid reading into a holiday present? Here are four to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Offer a gift certificate for a GENERIC ChangeGrid with a private reading for $100 or less — or with the standard high-level narrative overview for $50 or less. A great idea for anyone with a business professional on their list!

2) Suggest that the ideal gift for every executive on a company’s organizational chart is a CUSTOMIZED ChangeGrid reading along the lines of the “Journey” brochure.

3) Suggest that people hire you for a few of hours to conduct a “New Year’s Resolution” party/workshop with several of their friends. Let them each create their own ChangeGrid (on paper) with accomplishing each of their New Year’s resolutions as activities. Then give them a high-level overview of the five levels of tension and PERHAPS the briefest glimpse into some ChangeGrid Maneuvers. Just be careful you don’t give too much away if your hope is that some of the guests will hire you privately!

4) Similar to the previous idea, suggest that business owners/managers hire you to run a workshop focusing on their company’s or team’s goals for 2010 — but use the online software and create a Group Profile as part of the package.

What other ideas do you have?



One Response to ChangeGrid Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Bryan Dilts says:

    Good ideas. You have also mentioned before that you like to send your corporate clients a discount sheet in December if they sign up quickly for the coming year.

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