Recession and Employee Engagement

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Shags Shagrin sent me a link to very interesting article that I would love to discuss with all of you on this Thursday’s Gold Team call at 11AM EST.

The article was published by Employee Benefit News ( and can be found at the following link, but I’ve also copy & pasted the article in its entirety, just so future visitors to the blog won’t have to worry about broken links. Here’s the link:

“Recession Takes Toll on Employee Engagement”

And here’s the article:

Recession Takes Toll on Employee Engagement
By Editorial Staff — November 9, 2009
Employee Benefit News

The cost-cutting actions employers have pursued to deal with the economic crisis have taken a toll on employee morale and commitment, especially among top performers.

Employee engagement levels within the past year fell nearly 10% overall and 23% for top performers among 1,300 full-time workers at 235 large U.S. employers responding to a joint survey by WorldatWork and Watson Wyatt. The researchers suggest a need for rethinking benefit and compensation strategies, and where voluntary benefits come into play, the challenge is to broaden choice without making it seem like another takeaway.

Additionally, 41% believe that pay and benefit changes made have had a negative effect on work quality and customer service, while 36% of top performers say their company’s situation has worsened and the number who would recommend others take jobs at their company has declined by nearly 20%.

If you have not already done so, you can register for the call by following this link:

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One Response to Recession and Employee Engagement

  1. Bryan Dilts says:

    Yet as the metrics above fall, the employees also feel less and less ability to make a change. They feel trapped in their companies because of fear of change.

    They can’t get their company to make needed changes. Worse, they may think there is no possible positive change.

    Will a new company be worse? Will a new company go out of business and leave them worse off.

    They are trapped. They can’t change their current company and they don’t dare change to another company.

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