Atypical ChangeGrids

Hi, Everyone!

Here is a very interesting assortment of ChangeGrids, each with its own peculiar and fascinating pattern.  We’ll talk about them in detail on next Monday’s ChangeWorks Forum call — but in the meantime, I’d be very curious to read your insights, so please take a moment to comment.

Here they are … brace yourself …


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If these ChangeGrids belong to one of your clients, please plan to attend the call to give the team a bit of the back story.



One Response to Atypical ChangeGrids

  1. G Sairamesh says:

    T, I have just completed 2 web based sessions with you and managed to participate in 1 monday evening session besides did a little bit of web search on some of the works based on the Merging of Brilliance.

    I am going to attempt sticking my neck on the line w r t some of the Grids.

    I notice that CG1 – seems to indicate a paradox of ‘Focused, Risking and Confident’ Vs ‘Steady, Methodical, & Low Risk’ kind of grid. Most activities fall in the space of Out grid and Ingrid, in the DISC behavior parlance we call this a Me-Me conflict (Bill Bonstetter’s phrase) – D&S factor are both above the line. Meaning the person experiences a drive to challenge, but the other factor tells him to be methodical, planned, systematic and slow.

    The CG2 on the list shows most of the activities in the ingrid and downgrid – Apathy. No great tensions, but perhaps the person indicates some kind of ‘Toxic Shame’ may be even Guilt (I perceive it be so). I am not certain if the person has completely the administration (may have not).

    The CG3 in the list shows most activities in the Power Apathy zone. Some fall in the Analytical Driver & Driven Analytic – leading to Ambivalent emotions.

    The CG4 seems similar to CG1, with near equal distribution of activities between out grid and in grid.

    CG5 & CG6 challenge me, I’d rather wait to hear from you on the web conference on monday.

    I trust I am doing okay, do you resonate the same w r t how I am doing right now with CW?

    Rgds – Sai

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