Leveraging ChangeWorks Marketing and Research Profiles

Hi, Everyone!

Check out Dave Miller’s latest newsletter!  His article, “Giving Away the Store? Think ‘Exchange of Value’”  offers insight and suggestions for maintaining a strong business model — and it’s definitely something I’d suggest you all read.  Here’s the link:

Dave’s Newsletter

His newsletter is also a great example of tension management in action. From the beginning, the reader’s tension is moved UpGrid and  sustained there for the duration. The three main sections each manage tension very effectively independent of one another — and their sequence continues to build and maintain tension, in part as a result of the extensive use of questions. BRAVO!

So, now that I have given Dave some honest and well-deserved praise, I just can’t pass up the opportunity to talk about integrating the ChangeGrid as a tension management device.

But I’d like to throw it to all of you as a question:

I see at least THREE distinct opportunities where a ChangeWorks profile could be inserted into the newsletter for marketing or research purposes. I’m curious to know WHERE you think they could go … and WHAT some of the mission-critical activities might be.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

This could also be another great topic to discuss on Monday’s ChangeWorks Forum.  If you haven’t already done so, follow this link to register NOW:


If any of you are sending out articles, newsletters or other marketing pieces and you’d like some input from a tension management perspective, feel free to send it over —

— and be sure to register for Dave’s teleclass on December 3rd!



One Response to Leveraging ChangeWorks Marketing and Research Profiles

  1. Excellent article. Thanks Dave Miller and T.

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