Introduction to MasterStream

Hi, Everyone!

With so many of you recently completing your ChangeWorks Practitioner training, I thought this would be a great time to introduce you all to the application of ChangeWorks in professional selling — also known as MasterStream®. We’ll be offering another MasterStream webinar series for all Silver and Gold Team members beginning after the holidays, but in the meantime, I’d suggest you all take a few minutes to read the following series of articles, entitled “Pay Attention to Tension”

Pay Attention to Tension, Part 1

Pay Attention to Tension, Part 2

Pay Attention to Tension, Part 3

I’ll also create a page here on the blog — “Fundamentals” — as a permanent place for these and other articles to be made available to all of you for your own development AND as a resource for your marketing efforts, particularly when you’re speaking with a prospect who wants some background information on the core concepts of ChangeWorks and MasterStream.

Let me know what you think!



3 Responses to Introduction to MasterStream

  1. Yvonne Wheeler says:

    After lookng at so many webpages what I prefer is the cross references on the alphabetical list in the categories on the blog. I have found it quite confusing to figure out a path for development as a bew person in development and a map, like amind mpa of the paths would be very useful to explain it to people, from my perspective. This is really really great ! Evening sessions would also be good for people doing a career transition or building a business nad planning continuous learning activities. Keep up the good work or rather stay in the flow ;-)) Yvonne

  2. Thanks T, that’s very helpful to have the “Fundamentals” page where we can send prospects to. I am looking forward to the start of the MasterStream series. Cheers,Regina

  3. Bryan Dilts says:

    Excellent summary. Just seeing how you did it helps me understand better how to sell it.


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