ChangeWorks Analyst Webinar Series

Hi, Everyone!

After much discussion with many of the Gold Team members about their schedules for the month of December, I’ve decided that we will begin the ChangeWorks Analyst webinar series on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010.

The program runs from 12 Noon to 1PM Eastern Time on MOST Tuesdays throughout 2010 — the overall duration depends entirely on how much discussion each topic stimulates.

The program is presented as a collection of independent webinars rather than a fixed curriculum to eliminate the need to “start at the beginning.”  As always, all webinars will be recorded and posted in the Resource Library.

The ChangeWorks Analyst training explores many concepts not mentioned in the Practitioner program and takes your knowledge and skills to a much deeper level.  Among the more than 15 topics we’ll discuss:

• The ChangeGrid as a 3-dimensional visual model: the ChangeCube and ChangeSphere

• Working with Activities as “Blocks of Energy”

• Individual ChangeGrids as a subset of the “Grand ChangeGrid of Life” — Scope, Scale & Shift Patterns

• Distorted ChangeGrids — Stretch, Squash, Slant & Skew Patterns

• Paradoxical Response States — Apparent Stress, Apparent Apathy & Apparent Power

This program is open to ALL ChangeWorks Practitioners who graduated or will graduate prior to the end of this year — and I encourage everyone to participate.

If you have any questions about the ChangeWorks Analyst program, just ask!



2 Responses to ChangeWorks Analyst Webinar Series

  1. Suzi says:

    Hi T,

    Do we have to sign up for this or will we automatically receive notification of the call in information?

  2. Hi there!

    We will be posting the Analyst Webinar along with all of the other calls on the weekly Events blog entry.


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