Corporate Tension Management Profile

Hi, Everyone!

For those of you on the Gold Team, we have put together a special ChangeWorks profile designed to be used when marketing to prospective corporate clients.  This is the result of the discussions we’ve been having over the past several weeks on the Gold Team’s Corporate Marketing webinars.

In preparation for this Thursday’s webinar at 11AM EST, please take a few moments to complete the survey NOW. Please rate each of the activities AS IF YOU WERE A CORPORATE PROSPECT. Here’s the link:

Corporate Tension Management

Also, please REGISTER for Thursday’s call by following this link:

During the call, we’ll look at both the Individual and Group Profile results and determine if any changes need to be made to the activity list.



One Response to Corporate Tension Management Profile

  1. John Hadley says:

    I won’t be able to make the call, but thought I’d throw in my 2 cents on the grid…

    #3 (“Stop the brain drain”) seems long, and to have 3 separate but related thoughts. Would suggest picking one, and putting the rest in the description.

    #5 seems counter to an ’employee-friendly’ culture, depending on the company philosophy. As a manager, if there was a personal issue affecting an employee’s productivity, I would have wanted to be informed and see if there were ways I could help deal with it – I wouldn’t have considered it a ‘distraction.”

    #6 – I like the first thought (through “politics”); wouldn’t the last part (“that leaves…”) be better as part of the activity description?

    #7 – Wouldn’t it be of value to rate how I as a manager do at eliminating unrealistic workloads, even if I don’t know they are affecting bottom line results? (Many managers espouse the philosophy that anything less than “too much work for an employee to handle” is an inefficient allocation of work, and actually reduces unit

    #8 – If I’m in an internal vs. client-facing role, I may not see the link between my leadership and “competitive advantage”

    #9 – “Meets needs / expectations” seems like a low standard. How about something more like: “Provide continuous learning / development opportunities for my employees.” Is the purpose of the learning just to foster loyalty, or to actually develop my employees’ abilities, and ultimately help them perform at higher levels / in higher jobs?

    #12 – Depending on the organization, many projects that come out of strategic planning initiatives may be ‘blue sky’ or ‘nice to have’ projects that never see the light of day, and shouldn’t. Should we make it “critical” projects? What about critical projects that don’t come from a strategic planning process?

    #14 – This reads as very generic, without a lot of meaning.

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