Linda Was Arrested Today!

Hi, Everyone!

I know you all think she’s a sweet gal, but apparently Linda did something that got her hauled off in handcuffs and taken to jail by the Cornelius Police Department this afternoon!

Here she is being arrested — and seems pretty HAPPY about it!

Handcuffed and on her way to jail!

… and here she is serving her time:

She even looks good in horizontal stripes!

Luckily, she didn’t have to stay long, thanks to all of you who helped her make bail by pledging a donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

So where did the headline of this post move you on the ChangeGrid?



6 Responses to Linda Was Arrested Today!

  1. Yvonne Wheeler says:

    You sure had it move UP! I love the way you think T ! Makes me appreciate my life so much more everyday. Thanks.

  2. Daniel says:

    States, unlike traits, are momentary. Therefore, such statements as this drive a plethora of changes in tension as demonstrated in the following response map.

    At first I was startled and got sucked in and up grid to a(0,10). This was quickly replaced by sliding down grid to feeling somewhat embarrassed b(1,8) by my gullibility c(2,0) which then moved me to doubt and reluctance to believe that anything bad had happened d(0,2). From there I went down and out e(5,4) to collect my self before rising back up grid and slightly out to curiosity f(2,8) and resolved g(3,5) to read on the story and got involved h(3,6) with it. Then, inspired i(3,8) me to respond j(2,5) and to get interactive k(4,6) with the adjective map to write this somewhat playful l(4,9) comment. Now I am feeling enthusiastic m(3,9) about how this exercise has helped me tune-in n(6,7) to the efficiency o(8,7) of using the adjective map. Having said that, I now feel balanced and skillful p(6,5).

  3. Hi T.,

    I immediately moved way DownGrid and InGrid because I automatically assumed that her ‘arrest’ was for charity. I’ve participated in similar programs before and knowing how you both livk to support others, I thought her situation would be very similar.

  4. G Sairamesh says:

    I was SHOCKED to read the headlines. Upgrid, that’s where I was.

    Post reading the article, I am moving towards the center to digest your sense of humor.

    Rgds – Sai

  5. Theresa says:

    I’ve known her a long time and I was wondering when her shinanigins would catch up with her!

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