Charlotte ChangeWorks Workshop Participants

Hi, Everyone~

This past Thursday thru Saturday, I had the pleasure of welcoming 5 new ChangeWorks Practitioners to our community: Brenda Anderson, Jan Jenson, Eugenia Kaneshige, Joe Norwood and Susan Roti! Check out their photos below.

Charlotte-based LCC, Steve Eanes, also joined us for the workshop in preparation for his own upcoming ChangeWorks Practitioner training program.

Here’s a snapshot of our cozy group:

Our December 2009 ChangeWorks Practitioner Workshop

And here’s a few more shots of them deep in the throes of training:

Eugenia Kaneshige & Joe Norwood

Brenda Anderson & Susan Roti

Jan Jenson & Steve Eanes (and me!)

Everyone hard at work!

What a wonderful group of people they are — and a VERY diverse group indeed!  Among them were coaches, consultants and trainers … some internal pros and some in private practice … some focused on individuals and others on organizational clients. Quite an assortment in a rather small group, which led to many interesting discussions.

I’ll ask each of them to prepare a brief introduction to share when they join us on their first ChangeWorks Forum call.



One Response to Charlotte ChangeWorks Workshop Participants

  1. Welcome new colleagues! I am looking forward to getting to know you! Cheers and Happy Holidays to all!

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