2010 Events Calendar

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s a “head’s up” for the training and development webinars and workshops we’ll be offering in the first part of 2010, divided into Ongoing Programs and Training Events. We want to continue to give all of you as much support as we can to help you get the most out of your investment in ChangeWorks!


“Building a Career That Matters”

Mondays, 11AM-12N EST, beginning January 4th

This program explores 25 mission-critical activities faced by all coaches, consultants and trainers operating private practices. The program is open to ALL human development professionals, regardless of their affiliation with ChangeWorks — so please spread news of this opportunity to all of your colleagues. We would love to have them join in!


“ChangeWorks Forum”

Mondays, 3PM-4PM EST

This is the continuation of our community’s official weekly get-together, exploring a wide-variety of topics of interest to all ChangeWorks Professionals. The topics are always at the request of community members and include: interesting ChangeGrids, Group Profiles, best practices, knowledge expansion, marketing ideas, etc. The webinar is open to ALL graduates of the ChangeWorks program.


“ChangeWorks Analyst Training Program”

Tuesdays, 12N-1PM EST, beginning January 5th

This series takes your knowledge and understanding of the ChangeWorks System to a MUCH deeper level, exploring concepts, skills and applications far beyond what we cover in the ChangeWorks Practitioner training program.  The program, valued at $1,500, is offered FREE OF CHARGE to ALL professionals who completed their ChangeWorks Practitioner training prior to the end of December, 2009.


“Gold Team Conference Call”

Thursdays, 11AM-12N

This ongoing program is for members of the Gold Team ONLY and includes both continuing educational programs applying the ChangeWorks concept to a variety of soft-skills areas (such as Leadership, Management, Marketing and Personal Accountability) as well as marketing ideas for ChangeWorks services unique to Gold Team members (such as Duo, Group and Research profiles).



“MasterStream Sales Training Webinar Series”

Wednesdays, 5PM-7PM EST, beginning January 13th

This SIX WEEK training program is offered at NO CHARGE to SILVER and GOLD team members ($599 for Basic and Bronze team) and covers the application of the ChangeWorks concepts to professional selling.  This is actually the program that we are best known for around the world and an absolutely VITAL program for all of you who want to grow your businesses.


“ChangeWorks Practitioner Webinar Series”

Wednesdays, 11AM-1PM, beginning January 27th

This EIGHT WEEK training program is the next opportunity for new professionals who want to add the ChangeGrid to their tool kit — so please spread the word to your colleagues!  As always, graduates may repeat the program as often as they wish — and we encourage you to join in for any or all of the program.


“ChangeWorks Practitioner Weekend Workshop”

February 22-24 in the San Francisco Bay Area
March 11-13 in the Charlotte Area

These are the next opportunities for new professionals who want to learn ChangeWorks to do so in the 3-day intensive format.  Again, we appreciate your help in spreading the news — and hope many of you will join us for these workshops as well.

As always, we’ll record all of the webinars and post them for those of you who can’t make the live calls.

Please let me know if there are any other calls you’d like us to add to the schedule!



5 Responses to 2010 Events Calendar

  1. Carol Champagne says:

    Wow! that’s an impressive line-up! Thank you for all you do for us. And by the way…how do you make it snow on the blog???

  2. Diane says:

    That is quite a line-up! I’m hoping that the MasterStream Sales training is on Wednesdays (not Tuesdays)? The start date shown is a Wednesday…

  3. Diane says:

    By the by, if you want to reach the SF Bay Area coaches for the upcoming class(es), you might consider placing an ad on their newsletters. Most, if not all of the 4 chapters have this low-cost option available on their newsletters, I believe.

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