A ChangeGrid Exercise for 2010

Hi, Everyone!

The worst of my bout with the flu seems to have passed — and what a miserable experience it has been!  My most heartfelt sympathy to anyone else who’s been visited by the nasty bug. C’est la vie!

I had intended to lead you all through an exercise during this past Monday’s ChangeWorks Forum in preparation for next week’s call. Here’s what I had in mind:

I would like to invite each of you to take a few moments to create a ChangeWorks profile exploring the goals you have for 2010.

Step 1: Whether it’s just a handful or a complete list of 50 goals, map out what you’d like to accomplish next year.

Step 2: Translate your list into activities beginning with the verbs “achieving” or “reaching” or “accomplishing” — or any other verb along those lines.

Step 3: Complete the profile.

Step 4:  Send a copy of the result to: tnapier@masterstream.com

Step 5: I’ll lead you all through an interpretation exercise on our January 4th, 2010 call.

Not only do I think this will be a very valuable experience for each of you, I also think it will give you another GREAT way to use the ChangeGrid with each of your clients.

So please set a little time aside this weekend to give some serious thought to what you want most in 2010 — and let’s see what your ChangeGrid reveals about your readiness to realize those intentions.



4 Responses to A ChangeGrid Exercise for 2010

  1. G Sairamesh says:

    Hello T,

    Good to hear from you.

    Here’s wishing you and all the ChangeWorks community a happy 2010.

    Rgds n best wishes – Sai

  2. Susan says:

    Excellent suggestion, T! I had been thinking about doing this anyway and now I have a deadline. :)

    Happy New Year, and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better!

    Happy New Year to one and all! – Susan B.

  3. Nancy Dadami says:

    glad you are feeling better T.
    Happy New Year to you and everyone at Masterstream/Changeworks.

  4. Paula says:

    Sorry I did not catch the invitation! Would have loved to have participated. Great work today. Glad you are better.

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