Events for 1/11 thru 1/15/2010

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s what’s on the schedule for next week.

“Building a Career that Matters” Webinar Series —

Monday, January 11th from 11AM to 12PM EST. This series explores 25 problem areas human development professionals face in building their practices. This week, we’ll explore “Problem Area #2: MISS-Understanding the Marketplace.” During this session, we’ll look at the opportunities that exist in the marketplace from a VERY different perspective — and help you choose the segment that offers you the best chances for success. This series is offered as a service to our professional community and is WIDE OPEN to ANY and ALL human development pros, regardless of their affiliation with ChangeWorks — so PLEASE spread the word.  Click the following link to register:

“ChangeWorks Forum” —

Monday, January 4th from 3PM to 4PM EST. This week, we’ll look at a variety of ChangeGrids. This series is open to ALL graduates and current students of the ChangeWorks program.  Click the following link to register:

“ChangeWorks Analyst Training” —

Beginning on Tuesday, January 12th from 12PM to 1PM EST, we will cover a wide variety of advanced concepts in the world of ChangeWorks.  The topic for the first session will be Paradoxical Response States. This series is open to ALL ChangeWorks professionals who completed their Practitioner training prior to December 31, 2009. Click the following link to register:

“MasterStream Sales Training — Session 1” —

Wednesday, January 13th from 5PM to 7PM, we’ll begin our next 6-week MasterStream Precision Sales Techniques webinar series.  The call is open exclusively to members of the SILVER and GOLD Team as well as students who have paid a fee to attend.  For more information about enrollment, please give Linda a call at 704-987-6500. Click the following link to register:

“Gold Team Teleconference” —

Thursday, January 14th from 11AM to 12PM, we’ll hold our Gold Team teleconference.  The call is open exclusively to members of the Gold Team.  Click the following link to register:

As always, our webinars are recorded for those of you who are unable to attend the live call.



3 Responses to Events for 1/11 thru 1/15/2010

  1. John Hadley says:

    Have you heard of any other practitioners running into this problem? I sent a grid to a prospect, and he couldn’t get it to open on his PC (a Windows based machine, and he was using Adobe Acrobat). It’s only happened once so far, but when I was talking to Dave Miller this morning, it turned out he had the same thing happen with someone recently.

  2. Hi, John —

    I’ll forward your comment on to Steven and the developers. The file the system generates is a basic PDF file — nothing special about it — so anyone with an up-to-date PDF reader should have no trouble whatsoever. Were you able to open the PDF yourself? If so, the file is just fine — and the problem is on the recipient’s side of things.

  3. Where can I find the recordings for the Analyst and Building a Career that Matters call from this week?

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