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Monday evening, I had the pleasure of introducing the ChangeGrid to a dozen or so colleagues of Ellen Schuster-Nastir and Peter Metzner, who are all trainers of the Peoplemap System, which was developed by Dr. Michael Lillibridge. For those of you who don’t know them personally, Ellen, Peter and Mike are all ChangeWorks Practitioners.

My goal on the call was to share several ways that the ChangeGrid could help them sell more PeopleMap training programs and follow-up services — and I thought I’d share my advice with all of you, since so many of you also promote various psychometric tools and personality tests as part of your approach too.

Always remember that the ChangeGrid wasn’t designed to do what assessments like PeopleMap, DiSC and MBTI do — and because it doesn’t compete against them, the ChangeGrid can co-exist in great harmony with any and all of the profiles and tests available today. We just have to position it where it works and works best.

On the call, I focused on two major ways the ChangeGrid can be integrated by the Peoplemap trainers — and my suggestions apply to many of you as well.

First, the ChangeGrid can be instrumental in your marketing efforts.

Begin by creating an activity list that targets typical situations your prospects are experiencing that can be addressed by the test or tool you’re promoting.  For example, Peoplemap trainers are targeting organizations that are suffering from interpersonal communications problems. In their case, the activity list might include situations like “Resolving conflicts with others” and “Fostering open channels of communication.”  The list can be used for both individual prospect profiling and group profiling— and the results pinpoint the client’s areas of greatest concern. Just position the instrument you’re promoting as the remedy for what’s disturbing them, and the sales discussion should flow quite nicely.

Second, the ChangeGrid serves as the natural next step following the use of any test or tool, since all such experiences end in the same way — with the question, “Now what?”

As you answer that question with each of your respondents, a specific set of beneficial behavioral changes will naturally emerge — and that becomes an activity list that can easily serve as the foundation for a long coaching relationship. Present the results of the ChangeGrids to the decision maker as clear evidence of the value of continuing to work with you.

What other ways do you think the ChangeGrid can help professionals sell more of their assessments, training programs and ongoing services to their prospects and clients?

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