Clarification on the Study

Hi, Everyone!

We’ve received some questions and some comments regarding the eligibility requirements for someone to participate in the study. So here’s an update:

1) Why can’t existing ChangeWorks Professionals participate?

When the results are in, I would hate to think that someone would suggest that the input of ChangeWorks professionals skewed the results since they had a vested interest in the outcome.  As an alternative, Pam Brooks has suggested we conduct a parallel piece of research with current ChangeWorks professionals as the population. To do this, we would need to create a different link to the survey to keep the data separate. I’ll give this some further thought and let you all know when we’re ready.

2) How about people who have had a ChangeGrid read before, but are not ChangeWorks Professionals?

They’re welcome to participate as long as they meet the other requirements.

3) What are the requirements?

Participants must have been in private practice as a human development professional for a minimum of 1-year AND they must agree to complete all three steps of the process. The activity list for this study is NOT designed for human development professionals working as a member of an in-house team in an organizational setting. We’ll do a separate study for the in-house professionals later this year.

4) Can I point a few colleagues to the study?

Definitely!  In fact, we hope you all will — but just a few at a time.  I can only read a dozen or so ChangeGrids each week, and since our goal is to READ a participant’s ChangeGrid within 48 hours of completing it, I really need to control the flow of participants into the study.

5) Can I post announcements to groups that I’m affiliated with?

Please don’t — we’re BEGGING you! Again, we just want to maintain a nice, steady pace — and such a posting could create a bit of a flood.  Individual referrals are GREAT though!

6) If I refer someone, how will I know they actually participated?

When I’m reading the ChangeGrid and when the feedback survey is conducted, we do ask how the person came to know about and participate in the study. We’ll make sure we notify the referring Gold Team member so they can follow-up and answer any questions the participant may have.

We welcome your questions and your comments —



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