Tension Management Institute

Hi, Everyone!

We’re pleased to announce that our new website —


— has launched and we’d love to get your feedback.  We’re still checking for any broken links and typos, so if you stumble across any, let us know and we’ll get things fixed.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be uploading the next layer of pages to give the website more depth — and little by little, we’ll go through the process of dismantling the http://www.masterstream.com website (we have other things in mind for it).

– T –


4 Responses to Tension Management Institute

  1. .org??? Is this a nonprofit organization?

  2. Another question…do we now say that we are certified by Tension Management Institute or ChangeWorks or MasterStream or what? When you google TMI, some folks have already indicated that they have been certified through this organzation. What is protocol?

    • Technically, up to now, everyone has been certified by T. Falcon Napier & Associates, Inc. — TMI will be granting the designations in the future. You are welcome to use either one you wish — but using “ChangeWorks” or “MasterStream” would be inaccurate since those are programs not organizations.

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