A Leadership Quote

Hi, Everyone!

One of the members of a linkedin group I belong to recently asked people to share the best leadership quote they’d heard.  My response is the quote I’ve used whenever I’ve taught our Pride-Based Leadership program:

“A leader is a leader NOT because of who he/she IS, but because of who others BECOME when they are in the leader’s presence.”

I can’t find any source online that attributes the quote to anyone, but I know I didn’t originate it (or I don’t REMEMBER originating it — LOL).  Anyone have any idea where the quote might have come from?

I also got a kick out of a response to a “least favorite” leadership quote someone suggested:

“Think outside the box.”

The poster shared that when she delivered that quote to her teenage son, his reply was:

“The box is there for a reason!”

There’s something worth thinking about!



4 Responses to A Leadership Quote

  1. Shags says:


    In my poking around, it seems to have been used in one form or another in many different places. I would be happy to attribute it to the “worldly collective wisdom.” Or to you — you have soooo many “T-Gems”!


  2. Jayne Garrett says:

    Great quote T. Here’s a fun quote from our friend Anonymous:

    “If love is blind then why is lingerie so popular”

    Happy Day!

  3. G Sairamesh says:

    I am reminded of the leadership paradigm definition – A leader is someone whom you choose to follow to a place which otherwise you would not have made it on your own.

    Rgds – Sai

  4. Great theories about living in boxes in “Leadership and Self-Deception” a standard from the Arbringer Institute.

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