Celebrating Steven!

Hi, Everyone!

Friday, March 5th is Steven’s 5th anniversary working with us — and we would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to celebrate this milestone with him!

Through the years, he’s become one of the most skilled ChangeWorks and MasterStream professionals we’ve produced and carved a reputation for himself as both a technical and subject matter expert and a friendly and helpful asset to all of our team members. We couldn’t do what we do without him!

If you have a “Steven story” to share or a celebratory message you like to leave, please post a comment here or send him an email: smagnall@masterstream.com




7 Responses to Celebrating Steven!

  1. Congrats Steven!
    When we did our first live Changeworks grid with a client (under the old quirky system), Steven patiently helped us walk through and helped save us in an awkward moment in front of a client. His calm, steady, can-do attitude and his responsiveness always makes you feel great after each interaction. Congrats again Steven — we want you to stay another 5 years — never leave us!

  2. Barbara says:

    WAY TO GO Steve….
    Hope the next 5 are even better! It’s all in your hands.
    Hope I’m around to celebrate it too!!!!!

  3. mistyrose7 says:

    Not only is it a congratulations to Steven but it’s also a congratulations to the team and me! Congratulations to us for the opportunity to have this genius in our presence everyday. We are truly lost without him.

  4. Tony says:

    During the last five years in the Masterstream environment, I have seen Steven develop many new interpersonal skills to add to his natural affinity with people.
    It only seems like yesterday that T first talked with him and could see the possibilities.
    I’m told the first five years are the hardest – so here’s to continued success and congratulations for what has been achieved so far.
    Well done Steve!

  5. Dave Miller says:

    Steven provides the entertainment in the office, introduced me to the volcano roll, and is a workout fiend. Now that you’ve served your time, when are you up for parole?

  6. Jayne Garrett says:

    Celebrating Steven ☺

    Whenever I call the office
    And Steven says hello
    Whatever my question
    The answer he will know

    With patience and humor
    He helps me understand
    Reviewing information
    He lends a helping hand

    Being low tech
    He walks me through each step
    I’m guessing he is hoping
    The steps I won’t forget

    I enjoy brainstorming ideas
    As his experience comes through
    He’ll say, “Why don’t you try…”
    A great idea, and I do

    Congratulations Steven
    As you celebrate year number five
    Knowing you are a phone call away
    This low tech brain will survive ☺☺☺☺☺

    Celebrating your milestone and wishing you many more to come. Be well~~Jayne ☺

  7. Congratulations Steven!
    I appreciate your low key, can do attitude – helps me move from stress to power in working the program,

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