Trade Show Secrets #3

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s the next installment in the “Secrets of Trade Show Selling” series:

Secret #3: Exploit Your Space

When it comes to creating the ideal layout for your exhibit, keep two things in mind:

First, you are trying to command the undivided attention of ALL visitors as they walk in front of your booth. Ideally, your goal is to make sure they can SEE you — but NOT notice your neighbors. Second, you want to maximize floor space so that QUALIFIED visitors can actually ENTER your exhibit.

In order to accomplish both of these goals, here are a few general rules:

1) Make your booth appear as WIDE and as DEEP as possible.

2) Optimize visibility by taking full advantage of visitor sight lines.

3) Create as much useable floor space as possible.

4) Maximize accessibility from all aisles.

For example, a corner booth should be oriented so that the booth faces INTO the INTERSECTION — NOT into either of the side aisles. The two interior walls should be as high as possible to reduce distractions from your neighbors, create a backdrop for your exhibit and form a “back corner” which increases the impression of depth.

The two exterior walls should be open to the aisles, free of drapes and other barriers. Since the “front corner” is undefined by anything other than carpet, the front of the booth appears to extend into the intersection. This configuration takes advantage of diagonals to boost the perception of width and depth — and vastly expands the sense of space by doubling your “lakefront” property.

The bottom line of the third lesson in Secrets of Trade Show Selling is Exploit Your Space! Command the undivided attention of the trade show attendees and optimize your floor space. Once you have done this, move on to the next lesson, “Furnishing Failures”, which we will explore in a future article.

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