Alchemy and the ChangeGrid®

Hi, Everyone!

On Tuesday’s ChangeWorks Analyst webinar, we will begin an exploration of the integration of element-based maps of humanity into the ChangeGrid. Many models, from classic to contemporary, focus on the four elements of nature: air, fire, water and earth. The elements also served as the foundation of alchemy, best known as the ancient science of turning lead into gold. Less well known is alchemy as a philosophical pursuit, and it is in that pursuit that we will find great value in alchemy as a tool for understanding human behavior and supporting the change process.

Here’s just a few of dozens upon dozens of websites on the subject to get the discussions started:

Elemental approaches to personality —

Orientation to alchemy —

Don’t let any of this seem overwhelming — it all pretty much a rehash and repackaging job of the same information. We will be searching for the SIMPLICITY in the models — so please plan to join in!



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