Trade Show Secrets #7

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s the next installment in the “Secrets of Trade Show Selling” series:

Secret #7: What Would Martha Do?

Let’s check your progress. If you’ve read any of the articles in the “Secrets of Trade Show Selling” series, you know your purpose. You’ve secured a great location. You understand layout and lighting. Now the big question is, “What Would Martha Do?”

A trade show ISN’T supposed to be a stuffy, buttoned-down miniature version of the corporation it represents. Instead, it is a chance for the corporation to creatively introduce and express itself in front of a highly targeted audience. If it’s handled properly, a trade show should be as upbeat, energetic and enjoyable as the people attending it HOPE it will be.

To accomplish this, your booth must contribute something to the visual excitement of the show. Whether you choose an engaging but appropriate theme for your booth or a simple but stunning exhibit, DESIGN is of paramount importance when managing productive tension.

At a minimum, your booth should be designed around an attractive color scheme with well-coordinated graphic elements and font selections. While some companies should aim for elegance, others should opt for an outrageous design incorporating as much color and movement as possible. Balloons, pinwheels, bunting and streamers are sure to attract attention — but so will a dignified and refined space featuring museum-quality graphics accented with soft fabric swags and a vase of flowers. Choose a design that is consistent with your company’s image and personality — that conveys your message and supports your primary purpose for exhibiting.

Only three more lessons until you have all the ammunition under your belt to take the trade show by storm and achieve all your goals for being there. In the next article, we will cover “baiting the hook.”



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