Events for 5/17 thru 5/21/10

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s what’s on the schedule for next week:

“Building a Career that Matters” Webinar Series —

Monday, May 17th from 11AM to 12PM EST. This series explores 25 problem areas human development professionals face in building their practices. This week, our multi-week discussion of “Problem Area #12: Lack of Marketing Skills and Systems” concludes.  This series is offered as a service to our professional community and is WIDE OPEN to ANY and ALL human development pros, regardless of their affiliation with ChangeWorks — so PLEASE spread the word.  Click the following link to register:

“ChangeWorks Forum” —

Monday, May 17th from 3PM to 4PM EST. This week, we have several interesting ChangeGrids to debrief. This series is open to ALL graduates and current students of the ChangeWorks program.  Click the following link to register:

“MasterStream Sales Training Series, Session 4” —

Tuesday, May 18th from 9:30AM to 11:00AM, we will hold the fourth class in our MasterStream sales training program. Students are asked to complete the Session #4 pre-work by either reviewing the notes guide or by watching the webinar listed for Session #4 on the homepage for this course.  If you don’t know where to find the documents, give us a call at 704-987-6500.  The program is open to ALL SILVER and GOLD team members as well as students who have paid tuition to attend.  Please plan to join in!

“ChangeWorks Analyst Training” —

Tuesday, May 18th from 12PM to 1PM EST, we will practice the Adjective Mapping process on a new set of adjectives.  If you would like to learn how adjectives are placed on the ChangeGrid and participate in the process, please plan to join in. This series is open to ALL ChangeWorks professionals. Click the following link to register:

“The Business of Change” —

Wednesday, May 19th from 5PM to 6PM EST we will present a special webinar for human development professionals who are interested in learning more about the ChangeWorks System, how it can be used in several ways to build their practices and how to become certified.  The call is open to any and all interested professionals, but we do strongly encourage participants to complete a ChangeGrid experience before the call. (Participating in our study is the perfect way to experience the ChangeGrid. Just give us a call at 704-987-6500 learn more.)

“Gold Team Teleconference” —

Thursday, May 20th from 11AM to 12PM EST. This week, we will continue our course in Pride-Based Leadership.  The program is open to all Gold Team members.  Also, please remember to schedule your private coaching session.

As always, our webinars are recorded for those of you who are unable to attend the live call.



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