Tension Management in Interior Design

Hi, Everyone!

Today, I received one of “those” emails from a friend (actually, he often sends very funny things) and thought it actually offered a novel insight into the application of tension management in interior design.  Here are three examples:

This is a public restroom in London:

And here is the same public restroom from the INSIDE:

Personally, I’d find that rather disconcerting — but it’s REAL.  The next two may very well be photoshopped — regardless, they’re pretty amazing!

Imagine visiting a friend’s 20th floor condo, and stepping into this bathroom:

And here’s a Sistine Chapel-esque painting in a smokers’ lounge:

Tension Management is all around us!



One Response to Tension Management in Interior Design

  1. Sairamesh G says:

    T, amazing pictures.

    I am not sure if i want to belong there? The last one really sent the tension way up.

    Need to relax a bit. Let me go back to pic 1.

    :). – Rgds – Sai

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