Special Event Coming July 7th!!

Hi, Everyone!

Based on the results of our current research project, extensive interviews with dozens of human development professionals and discussions with several coaching schools and instrument developers, we have put together a new program designed to target the #1 problem faced by coaches, consultants and trainers today — CLOSING DEALS.

Incorporating essential concepts from the MasterStream  Method, “Selling Skills for Human Development Professionals” explores 21 deal-breaking mistakes routinely made when meeting with a prospect — and how to avoid them on your next sales discussion.

The focus is firmly grounded in the principles of tension management. Participants will examine a variety of intentional and unintentional decisions they’re making from that perspective — and will leave with a clear understanding of the power they actually have to effectively manage the engagement process.

The program is currently designed as a 3-hour, single-session intensive webinar — but we want to put it through a “dress rehearsal” to see if any adjustments need to made in either the time frame or the content covered before it’s rolled-out to the professional community.

With that in mind, on Wednesday, July 7th from 3PM to 6PM EST we are holding a class exclusively for graduates of the ChangeWorks program and some specially invited VIP guests. Watch the “Events” posting later this week for the registration link.

Once the program is released to the public, the fee for the class will begin at a very modest $29 per person as a great incentive for early adopters — and will increase steadily over the next several months to between $89 and  $129 as we search for the “right” price.

If you’d like to be sure you’re earning all the  business opportunities you discover, please plan to attend



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