ChangeWorks Linkedin Group

Hi, Everyone!

Are you a member of the ChangeWorks Linkedin Group?  If you aren’t, you definitely should be!

The group was started by Certified ChangeWorks Professional, Kayte Connelly in early 2009 — and she’s done a wonderful job providing the ChangeWorks community with a great place to share successes and gain insights from one another.

I think everyone should join the group and participate in the discussions — the latest of which focuses on a great activity list she recently created for one of her clients.

Here’s a little bit of it (but you’ll need to visit the group for the rest LOL!)

Activity List for a Recent Class; PLEASE POST SOME OF YOUR FAVORITES OR

those you intend to use in upcoming programs


Recently, I had the opportunity to do a workshop at Brooks Brothers in Philadelphia with two other individuals. One was of course, the Brooks Brothers representative; the second was a Financial Planner from Morgan Stanley.

I created this list for the participants before the class. About 30% participated and were rewarded with a networking tip booklet with 88 tips from the authors of “Working the Pond.”  (click here for the rest)

Thank you, Kayte!!



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