Attention Fellow Bloggers!

Hi, Everyone!

I’ve added a new feature here for our little community — a “Blog Roll” — and I’m pleased to share two blogs with all of you, written by two of our ChangeWorks Professionals.

Susan Rosner’s blog — “Build a Business Worth Millions” — is a blog for privately held business owners who want to sell their businesses, BUT the articles are a very interesting read for everyone interested in business.

You can reach her blog at any time by following her link in our Blog Roll — but here it is:

Susan Rosner’s Blog

(UPDATE:  Susan’s blog seems to be down, since I have triple-checked the URL and I know its right.  I’ll contact her to see what’s happening.)

Chia-Li Chien’s blog is a fascinating collection of articles on a great assortment of topics, from developing business exit strategies to media advice to wonderful personal stories.

You can reach her blog at:

Chia-Li Chien’s Blog

If you are a blogger and would like your blog included on the roll, I’d be happy to showcase your work! I have just four guidelines:

1) be a ChangeWorks graduate,

2) write a blog that would be valuable reading for members of our community,

3) keep your blog active with at least a couple of quality postings every month, and

4) provide a reciprocal link from your blog to ours.

Enjoy your visits to Susan’s and Chia-Li’s blogs!



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