“Oracle of the Self” Project – MMH and MHH

Hi, Everyone!

On our last ChangeWorks Analyst call, we continued our exploration of the nine basic areas on the ChangeGrid for the interactive tool we’re developing. Our focus was on the Moderate Ability/High Challenge and Moderate Ability/Moderate Challenge sections.

I also presented a concept for what  the tool could become — the “Oracle of the Self” — a fast, fun and free way for people to experience the ChangeGrid.  This could take the form of a small booklet, an online mini-application and/or an app for smart phones. By clicking on the Oracle of the Self logo, the user is invited to “Discover the Wisdom Within.”

"Discover the Wisdom Within"

Users area asked to begin by thinking about a specific situation they’re currently experiencing where they would like to gain insight. Next, they are asked to rate their levels of Ability and Challenge as “Low,” “Moderate” or “High.” Based on their answers, they are directed to one of nine pages that provides them with a few paragraphs of information about the upside and downside of that area. They are also provided with a list of recommendations offered by ChangeWorks professionals.  Each recommendation takes the form of a quote, with the name of the professional and a link to learn more about him or her.

Participation is open to all Gold Team members.  To participate, we ask you to submit a well-written sentence or two explaining the upside and downside the area we’re exploring, insight into the sorts of activities the area is ideally suited for and recommendations for the user.

Here’s what we came up with on last week’s call:


What is the Upside of this area?

I am IN the world, but not OF it. I let the winds of heaven dance around me. I know that I cannot push the river nor pull the sprout. (T)

I believe that I am fully in control of all elements of the task at hand. (Steve Snyder)

This is the place of non-attachment and stillness with whatever you encounter. (Thornton Prayer)

I am at peace, balanced, secure and whole, feeling fully, thinking with clarity, and self sufficient.  (Daniel Latch)

Feel safe and secure. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

Here you will find a sense of peace, calm, and true balance. (Paul Plamondon)

My commitment to the task is not in question. I am able to “walk the talk.” (Steve Snyder)

I am open and ready to receive information about the world around me. (T)

I am developing a deeper understanding of what I need to do. (Steve Snyder)

What is this area a great place for?

Simply “being” (T)

Recharging my batteries. (T)

Practicing the art of caring detachment. (T)

I am not my ego, nor the expectations of others, and I trust my intuition. (Daniel Latch)

Asking myself what’s next? What is all this reflection, planning and prep leading me to do? (Steve Snyder)

The center is a great place for being in the flow – “doing without doing” and “working without having to work”. (Thornton Prayer)

Reflection & Exploration. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

This is a great place to operate from and to return to in order to maintain balance and harmony in my life and efforts. (Daniel Latch)

This is a great place for engaging in heart-felt activities, relationship-building, empathy, and connecting with others. (Paul Plamondon)

This is a great place where you can be still and know. (Thornton Prayer)

This is a great place for being deeply in touch with yourself and aligned with the world around you. (Paul Plamondon)

This is a great place to let go and just BE. (Daniel Latch)

This is a great place for noticing what’s good about other people. (Paul Plamondon)

This is a great place to practice the power of attraction. (Daniel Latch)

What is the Downside of this area?

There is insufficient disturbance to compel you to change or grow. (T)

I may confuse planning and reflecting with acting. (Steve Snyder)

You may not act or even notice the need to act when necessary. (Thornton Prayer)

Beware being too at ease to move out and DO. (Daniel Latch)

May experience a sense of containment & routine. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

If productivity is important, this is not the place to be. (Paul Plamondon)

I may lose the support of those on my team who are ready to get moving on the task. (Steve Snyder)

You may linger too long or unnecessarily in a state of calmness. (Thornton Prayer)

Lest circumstances disrupt your bubble of harmony, make things happen. Take control. (Daniel Latch)

Downside: Your slow movement may annoy others, especially if they want to make progress. (Paul Plamondon)

While you are very much in control of yourself, remember that not much real work gets done here. (Steve Snyder)

What recommendations would you give the individual plotting in this area?

I need to think about getting out of the driving lane and into the passing lane. (Steve Snyder)

Make sure you consciously center yourself when you want and consciously take actions when needed. (Thornton Prayer)

Limit your reflections and start acting on those that call your attention, here and now. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

Look both ways one more time and then step off the curb! (Steve Snyder)

Reach out to challenge yourself more and remember to return to this place to recharge and prepare for your next excursion. (Daniel Latch)

If your task is important and needs to get done, light a fire under yourself by accelerating the due date. (Paul Plamondon)


What is the Upside of this area?

Urgency to act decisively is likely and high. (Thornton Prayer)

The upside of this location is that it is a place of fast action and intense skill development (Paul Plamondon)

A place which would test your abilities to the best. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

I am confident, eager and enthusiastic about the task at hand. (Steve Snyder

I am ready to go now! (Steve Snyder)

The upside of this location is that it has you tap into your own resourcefulness to take action and get the job done. (Paul Plamondon)

This is the area where you know it’s time to get moving! (Thornton Prayer)

Your energy is well placed to collaborate with others from a leadership or facilitative role where your abilitiy to communicate, sense of adventure, and initiative will prove infectious and emboldening of others.  (Daniel Latch)

Upside: I feel a lot of energy around accomplishing this task and I’m eager to stretch my skills. (Paul Plamondon)

What is this area a great place for?

Influencing, persuading, convincing (T)

Taking risks — having an adventure (T)

Romance (T)

A great place for putting your people skills to effective use. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

Sink my teeth into a new project (Steve Snyder)

Infect others with my enthusiasm for the task (Steve Snyder)

Making important changes as soon as possible (Thornton Prayer)

Convincing others to contribute to making important changes together. (Thornton Prayer)

This is a great place for taking bold action. Paul Plamondon

This is a great place for starting a new venture.  (Daniel Latch)

Great place for team work. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

This is a great place for creating a team or getting your team aligned on challenging objectives. (Daniel Latch)

What is the Downside of this area?

Impulsive actions may lead you astray. (Thornton Prayer)

Need for people sensitivity. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

The sense of urgency I’m feeling could lead me to impulsive decisions and rash actions. (T)

I may be too aggressive and confrontational with those not sharing my eagerness. (Steve Snyder)

I may have a tolerance for risk that makes others uncomfortable. (Steve Snyder)

People may perceive you to be manipulative. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

Beware of being too full of yourself or you may put off those you need to succeed.(Daniel Latch)

You may take necessary action before you have developed the appropriate skills to succeed. (Thornton Prayer)

Resources could be misplaced (T)

You are more likely to “fire, ready, aim” which may put others off. (Paul Plamondon)

What recommendations would you give the individual plotting in this area?

Go for it and trust yourself to know when it is time to add resources. Everything will come together if you stretch. Be careful not to over extend. (Daniel Latch)

This is a place to trust your intuition and go for it. Your charisma and charm will offset any deficiencies you may feel. (Daniel Latch)

Before you launch the attack, do some recon to confirm you’re doing the right thing. (T)

I need to fully evaluate the risk factors associated with the task. (Steve Snyder

I need to seek cooperative rather than competitive strategies to pursue the task. (Steve Snyder)

Develop a set of alternatives to demonstrate quick & small victories for people to experience and believe. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

Make sure you differentiate clearly between the desire for immediate action and your desired outcome and results. (Thornton Prayer)

Be willing to listen to alternatives from others. (Sairamesh Govindaraj)

Engage in bold action, but be sure to counter-balance it by carefully evaluating what you’ve accomplished and adjusting your approach, if needed. (Paul Plamondon)

Take a deep breath and get clear on your purpose so you don’t go off half-cocked and shoot yourself in the foot. (Daniel Latch)

Again, participation in this project is open to all Gold Team members.  If you aren’t able to join us for our regular Tuesday 12N EST calls, you can still be a part of the project. Just send me an email with your answers to the four questions — and be sure your answers are stated in FULL SENTENCES followed by your name in parentheses (saves me mucho tiempo!) Also, if you’ve already contributed your insights and would like to expand upon or edit what you’ve provided, just send me an email with your revisions.

So what would YOU like to add? Do you agree with the statements that have been contributed? Are there any changes you’d like to suggest?



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