Engagement Rings — Well Sorta!

Hi, Everyone!

On this past Monday’s ChangeWorks Forum call, I presented a special layer of the ChangeGrid that reveals the level of engagement the respondent has around a given activity. Here is the diagram:

Awareness -- Intention -- Engagement -- Execution -- Growth (CLICK to view full size)

While I would certainly encourage all of you to review the Forum webinar recording, here are the highlights of the “Engagement Rings”:

“Awareness” is the first stage of deliberate change.  The individual is aware that the activity represents an element of beneficial change.  In and of itself, awareness changes very little about the person’s actual situation.

“Intention” is the second stage. The individual is not only aware of the need for change, they intend to do something about it.  We all know that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, so while plotting in this band is a step in the right direction, it’s no guarantee.

“Engagement” is the third stage. The individual is actively involved in the preparatory and peripheral aspects of making the change. This band indicates real progress is being made.

“Execution” is the fourth stage. The individual is taking definitive action to realize the change.

“Growth” is the ultimate placement for maximizing the change process.

Certainly, not every location inside of a band is equal.  In fact, there is a marked difference between plotting in the UpGrid, MidGrid or DownGrid areas of a given band.  For example, UpGrid Awareness could be a very frightening situation while DownGrid Awareness might be nothing more than a mere acknowledgement that something could be better.

For those of you working in organizational settings, this layer of the ChangeGrid can offer your clients very valuable insight into the level of engagement their employees are experiencing about an entire list of activities.  That could easily set into motion a great opportunity for you to provide the level of support they need most.

Let me know what all of you think!



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