Feedback on MasterStream Essentials

Hi, Everyone!

As you all know, last week we held our “dress rehearsal” for the new MasterStream Essentials sales training program specifically for human development professionals — and I’d like to share with all of you the results of the feedback survey.

1) The results agreed with what we thought going into the session — it needs to be an hour longer overall to better accommodate the content and give the students more time to process what they’re learning — and it needs to be broken into two 2-hour sessions.  Spacing these a week apart would also provide the opportunity for a homework assignment between the sessions.  WIth that decided, we’ll update the outline, finalize the powerpoint and assemble a more comprehensive participant workbook — including the powerpoint thumbnails to save students some of the note-taking time.

2) We were surprised (and flattered) by the suggestions attendees made about pricing the seminar. They ranged from under $100 to $295 (one of you said “priceless”).  Our plan is to offer the MasterStream Essentials program on a monthly basis beginning in August.  To encourage early adopters, the price will begin at $59 and increase by $10 each month, topping off at $149. (This program is free for ChangeWorks Silver & Gold Team Members.)

3) Many of you have already completed your ChangeWorks Sales Skills Survey following the program and from what you shared, found the debriefing very valuable.  We would love to continue to include this as an integral part of the MasterStream Essentials program, but we need to factor the time required to debrief a ChangeGrid for each student into the pricing strategy.  It takes about 30 minutes for a proper debrief, so that would represent an additional value of not less than $75 – $100, in which case the total fee for the program could be $139 – $249.  We’ll need to give this a bit more thought.

4) In answer to a question several of you asked US following the program, “Yes — there are opportunities for graduates to continue their learning.”  We will be offering two advanced education options:  a 3-day MasterStream Bootcamp for students who prefer to learn in an immersive, hands-on, interactive environment — as well as MasterStream Performance Coaching for students who prefer to work remotely, 1-on-1, with a laser focus on immediate application in their unique practices. (These programs will be free for ChangeWorks Gold Team Members.)

5) We asked the question, “Overall, what would you say to someone considering taking the webinar?” — and here are some of the wonderful quotes we received:

“Great process and models.” — Karen Conaghan

“It provides practical information you can start using today to make a difference in how you work to develop more clients.” — Susana Moraga

“This is a good guide for converting prospects to clients, with practical ideas and real-world examples.” — Patty Block

“It will change the way you think about doing your business.” — Peter Popovich

“Do it. You will learn how to bring success to yourself and your business. Stop working so hard to figure it all out, this webinar gives you the tools you need to make your business flow.
As always, T shares his expertise because he really wants you to be successful.” — Nancy Dadami

“Take it – valuable information – you see the sales process from a differnent vantage point. I was amazed how fast the time went – very helpful – thanks! Will look forward to future offerings.” — Pam Solberg-Tapper

“Absolutely take it.  It was immensely helpful for me!!” — Wendy Neu

“It’s very good, and it’s not the same stuff you get everywhere else.  Thanks for the instruction, T.” — Eugenia Kaneshige

“YES!  Take it now! The simplicity of the message is complex in the delivery and T. is a magician at giving ‘heart’ and ‘intellect’ responses for things that arise.  He offers the key not just to opening the client-getting door but to bringing them ‘home’ to play.” — Augusta Nash

“This is a great opportunity to learn EXACTLY what you need to know to close sales with qualified prospects!” — Sabrina Schleicher

“It is a must because one will understand some valuable and insightful methods of selling that relate directly to the coaching world.” — Diane Allen

6) We also asked, “What are some of the most valuable insights you gained?” Here’s what the attendees had to say:

“Logic/ reasoning and examples to justify position/ concept”

“How obvious my mistakes are once I understand them i.e. who am I and what are my different roles in developing materials, and creating clients vs. servicing clients.”

“Business of Helping versus Helping Business — Who is more successful, people with or without sales skills? — Is your service mission-critical or mission-optional? — Is the client safe, secure, happy and healthy? — Change is at the heart of coaching/business/life. — People change in order to gain or maintain control. — STOP eliminating the tension that people are experiencing. — Are you currently relying more on your coahcing skills or your sales skills when it comes to converting an inquiry into a client?  Ouch!”

“The most valuable insights for me were: 1) the flow of tension is the key, even in marketing marterials.  2) Marketing is only part of the puzzle, sales is the other piece so I can take what I have learned here and work with it. I do not need a separate marketing person or program. 3) Control is at the core of making my business a necessity for prospects 4) I need to get the ChangeGrid incorporated into my business materials.”

“Keep them in tension. — Don’t waste time on apathy. — What to say when a prospect asks you what you do. — Monitor your website and materials for tension.”

“The most valuable insights that I gained were in the beginning and the end of the call.  I love the context in Part 1, as well as the sales conversation in Part 3.”

“1) The idea of coaches/consultants messing with Mother Nature. Said in different ways–the natural build of tension for action, we are denying them …  I could feel into the flow and realized how I broke the possibility of the prospect going through their own process by superimposing mine. 2) Separating marketing/sales, focusing on conversion, that the clinical side is BEFORE they become your client. 3) Support by declaring a next step to a prospect, not client yet. 4) Stop using coaching skills to sell.”

“Have a detached, clinical manner when talking with a prospect. — 40% of qualified prospects fail to purchase because of indecision. — Spend a lot of time with “What’s stopping you?” when talking to a prospect about where they want to go. — At the end, stating, “Based on what you’ve told me…” — Close with recommending a specific package (duh! — Can’t believe I haven’t been doing this!) — State, “The time for you to get started is now. Is this something you wish to do?”

“Many, many valuable points. — Making services mission critical. — The whole topic of “tension.”  — The four/five step Path of Self Discovery.”

“Let nature do the lifting.”

In closing, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who participated for taking the time to learn more about selling yourselves effectively — and extend our most heartfelt gratitude for providing us with your feedback.

We’ll let you all know when the next MasterStream Essentials program will be held and hope that you will share it with your colleagues.



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