Events for 8/2 thru 8/6/2010

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s what’s on the schedule for next week:

“Building a Career that Matters” Webinar Series —

This series is on hiatus until September.  We’ll send out a special announcement when the program continues.

“ChangeWorks Forum” —

Monday, August 2nd from 3PM to 4PM EST. This week, we have a VERY interesting group profile to discuss. Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for a group to plot any further DownGrid, THIS profile appears — but all is not lost!  Join in to learn how to position a comatose collection of people as a GREAT opportunity for you and your client.  This series is open to ALL graduates and current students of the ChangeWorks program. Click the following link to register:

“ChangeWorks Analyst Development Project” —

Tuesday, August 3rd from 12PM to 1PM EST, we will review what we have been working on for the past few weeks and begin the process of editing the comments and recommendations you’ev contributed for each of the nine areas on the ChangeGrid. We will also look at the mock-up of the interface for the “Oracle of the Self” and get you input. Click the following link to register:

“Gold Team Teleconference” —

Thursday, August 5th from 11AM to 12PM EST. This week, we will continue our discussion about the fundamental change in our focus for new members of the ChangeWorks community we are considering.  It is VITAL that all of you to share what you feel about our new approach and the pre-requisites a candidate must meet for inclusion in the program. I strongly encourage all of you who work with corporate clients to attend. The program is open to all Gold Team members. Also, please remember to schedule your private coaching session.

As always, our webinars are recorded for those of you who are unable to attend the live call.

NEW SERVICE AVAILABLE: If you would like to receive a link to the recording for any call you cannot make, BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR THE CALL and the system will automatically notify you by email when the recording is ready.



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