Pricing ChangeWorks Group Profiles

Hi, Everyone!

In the past week, several of you have asked us about pricing group profiles, so I thought it might be useful to share our suggested pricing strategy with all of you.

The base price for a ChangeWorks group profile is calculated using this simple formula:

(# of Participants in the Profile Population PLUS # of Activities on the Master List) TIMES $100 = Base Fee

For example, the base fee for a profile of 50 participants exploring 15 activities would be: (50 + 15) * $100 = $6,500. The surcharge we would levy on the professional for a group profile ranges from $999 for a Basic Team member all the way down to FREE for members of the Gold Team.

This base fee should include the following services:

• 1-2 hours of consultation with the key manager(s) to develop the activity list

• the creation and distribution of the ChangeGrid campaign

• a debriefing session of 1-2 hours with the key manager(s)

In addition, consider adding one or more of the following services:

• additional consultation hours for developing action plans with the management team based on the results of the ChangeWorks profile

• a private debriefing with each of the participants, billed at your standard hourly rate

• a half-day to full-day seminar for the management team and/or all of the participants during which you can debrief the ChangeWorks Group Profile and help them develop action plans for the activities explored in the profile, billed at your customary training rates

Handled properly, a ChangeWorks group profile can not only be a lucrative service for you to offer your clients, it can also set into motion a wide range of training, coaching and consulting services that could provide you with billable opportunities FAR in excess of the fee for the profile itself.

We’re here to help you bring ChangeWorks into your organizational clients — so call us with any questions you may have!



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