Free Coaching Sessions??

Hi, Everyone!

I recently received a note from ChangeWorks professional Mattison Grey about an article from she thought I’d find interesting. The subject is “The Double Edge Sword of Free Coaching Conversations” written by Emmy-winning television news reporter and anchor, Mark Joyella.

Here’s the link —

Article about Free Coaching

Let me know what you all think —



4 Responses to Free Coaching Sessions??

  1. Karene z says:

    excellent article! Wish many coaches would read this great writing.

  2. Dave Miller says:

    Good article. For me, the key to successful conversion in initial sessions is tension management. If you know how to manage the tension of the session, and if you are talking to an ideal prospect – someone who has a problem where you can help them and has the ability to pay you – you should be able to convert at least 1 out of 3 to clients. Often you can have a higher close ratio, the one out of three assumes pretty aggressive marketing (i.e., lots of initial consultations).

    When I work with coaches on this, the main problem is the desire to provide solutions in the session – you must withhold this. The only solution you will be offering in the session is “Hire me!”

    The second issue is that coaches typically don’t like to deeply explore problem areas, their resulting impact on the prospect, and the costs associated with living with these problems. This type of probing is what raises tension to the threshhold of activation.

    The third issue is a weak close or invitation to take the next step. You have to be clear on what you’re offering and be confident when you deliver it. It’s not a description of what coaching is, but rather the “program” and benefits you are offering. Not only do you need to be crystal clear about this, but you need to be confident in how you deliver it.

    If anyone is struggling with this and has questions, please feel free to call or email me (215-968-2483).



  3. Thanks for directing us to this article, T. Why don’t you direct the Life & Career Coaching LinkedIn Group also, to it. I’d bet this would be of enormous benefit to many of them.

    By the way, your webinar yesterday was great. It takes awhile to change a person’s mindset, but I think I’ve finally integrated your unique conceptual approach to selling and made it my own. I’m looking forward to reading your book, “The Masterstream Method.”

  4. Thornton Prayer says:

    To second Dave’s comments, I’ve learned the hard way to stop solving problems right away and thereby lowering a prospect’s tension. I now position my services as the solution they will get *after* they start working with me..

    Today, I ask what they want and what’s in the way, state that I can help them and how, describe options and fee structures, and then ask them about getting started. The difference in response has been very positive.

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