15 New Clients in 2 Weeks Flat!

Hi, Everyone!

Since our most recent “MasterStream:Essentials — Natural Selling Skills for Human Development Professionals” course ended, we’ve received so many wonderful notes of appreciation from the students! Here’s what just a few of them had to say:

“I’ve relied on relationships to bring me clients and I’ve been very fortunate. I’m not a marketer and I’ve always thought that I’m not a seller. For years I’ve been offering my services with a reticence or fear of how I’m coming across. I took T’s MasterStream class and I realized that his sales method aligned with my values and the core competencies of coaching. I got 15 new clients within 2 weeks of the class.”
Augusta Nash, MCC, Georgia Coach Association

“The MasterStream Essentials program gave me a new perspective on how to deal with prospects. The description of different levels of tension and how to manage that is invaluable. The course was fast paced and had a wealth of information that I can use in my business right now. The supporting workbook and worksheets helped to guide me through a different way of communicating with our prospects and clients. Thanks for a great course.”
Denny Stockdale, Stockdale Resource Group
Professional Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker

“The class was amazing! Not only does new material jump out and grab me, I value a beautiful synthesis of pieces held dear to me in my career. I wanted to send you a testimonial but so far I can’t get past “IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE” without tearing up. What I want most to communicate to people like me is that the people behind the programs of Tension Management’s curriculum offer the most practical skill development for creating, maintaining, and succeeding at living a personal and professional life based on mutually rewarding, value added relationships. I already have greater safety and security, more happiness and health. It is simply the best program I have found in decades of searching.”
Bob Rosen, Robert P. Rosen & Associates

“I can’t recommend MasterStream: Essentials more highly. T. packs more information into 4 hours than most people stretch into a 6-month program, and none of it is fluff. His method is unique and based on understanding the psychology of the prospect. It’s natural and comfortable. Isn’t that what selling should be all about in the end?”
Eugenia Kaneshige, Norwood Career Advisors

“Without a doubt, I credit my marketing success to T. Falcon Napier!  I am his biggest fan in appreciation for the impact he has single-handedly had in my growing my business.  I have followed precisely the tools and procedures he developed and taught through his MasterStream program.  MY coaching and training practice has increased significantly by implementing many of his techniques and soon became second nature when speaking with potential clients.  He just made it so easy to “get” and just as easy to remember to follow through! My schedule is now filling up consistently and it is a joy to not only witness the impact my work has with clients, but that I am able to sustain myself by doing the work I love!”
Ellen Schuster-Nastir, M.Ed., CPCC
Professional Certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker

“There are three components to the Masterstream Essentials class that I found critical for me to develop into a more effective marketing and sales person.  First, was to learn the differences between marketing and sales. Second, were the concepts of change and of tension management (they’re not just the fields for therapists and drug companies!).  Third, was the ChangeWorks! profile.  The profile helps me determine what I consider important in marketing and sales and my readiness to perform those tasks. As well, by better understanding the ChangeWorks! profile concept, I can more accurately determine how to move a prospect into a client!”
Greg Hill, Consultant

“The Tension Planner exercise really got my attention. I loved the logic and the skills seemed so natural. I knew what I was doing, but now I have the key to stay focused. The ChangeGrid is now making even more sense!”
Sandy Cropper, Indiana Coach Association

If you have colleagues you believe would benefit from attending the next MasterStream:Essentials training program, please ask them to give us as call at 704-987-6500.



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