BlessingWhite Engagement Model

Hi, Everyone!

Today, I was exploring BlessingWhite’s website and I found their employee engagement model particularly interesting. It’s called the “X” Model — and I think it resonates exceptionally well with the ChangeGrid.

I wanted to give you a direct link to a short video describing their model, but the way the video is imbedded in their website seems to prevent that.  So, as primitive as this may be, I still strongly encourage all of you to go to BlessingWhite’s homepage and click on the orange box in the left navigation bar titled, “The “X”: aligning employee & company definitions of “success”.

The video is just a few minutes long and by the time it’s done, you’ll understand their visual model in detail.  The question I have for all of you is DOES it overlay on the ChangeGrid and, if so, HOW??

I tried to find a larger diagram — and we’ll certainly draw something larger up in time for Thursday’s Gold Team call — but for now, here’s a tiny thumbnail:

We encourage all Gold Team members to join us on the call, particularly if you have an interest in the “Merging of Brilliance” process.



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