New ChangeGrid Composite Graphic

Hi, Everyone!

Below. you will see an updated ChangeGrid composite diagram I’ve been working on.  I’ve tried to eliminate as many of the less-used reference lines as I could, based on the feedback many of you have shared with me.  I’ve also added the “Engagement Rings” layer (we obviously need a better name for it!) and I’ve deleted the scales for Perceived Ability and Perceived Challenge as a way of minimizing the chances that a respondent might try to “beat the test.”

Here’s the diagram — if you click on it, it will open up full size:

2011 ChangeGrid Composite

It’s now shows 10 layers of information — can you name the layers??  We’ll go over them on our next ChangeWorks Forum call!

Please let me know what you think.



2 Responses to New ChangeGrid Composite Graphic

  1. Yvonne Wheeler says:


    I like this much better and it makes it easier to be inthe flow on the conversation without distractions of PA and PC.


  2. Thornton Prayer says:

    Looks good. Instead of saying ‘Engagement Rings’, how about saying ‘Engagement Arcs’, ‘Engagement States’, or ‘Engagement Levels’? I think anyone one of those could capture the meaning of the rings.

    I’d like to keep the Perceived Ability and Perceived Challenge labels. I think the Perceived axes help, especially for more quantitatively oriented people. I’ve never run into anyone trying to beat the system, but I suppose it could happen.

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