NEW Expo Demonstration ChangeGrid

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s a new piece of ChangeGrid artwork — a 24″ x 36″ placard designed for live demonstrations of ChangeGrid readings, such as trade shows or small presentations.  The resolution of the file in the little graphic shown below is NOT suitable for reproduction — we’ll be uploading the “official” artwork to the CCP homepage on Monday.

2011 ChangeWorks Trade Show Demonstration ChangeGrid

The artwork can be printed out, mounted on foamcore and laminated OR printed out on paper and inserted into a poster frame with either a glass or plastic front.  You can then use dry erase markers to plot a booth visitor’s activities, read their ChangeGrid, wipe off their data and do it again for another visitor.  Shags Shagrin used a similar version at a recent trade show and thought it was a great tool.

Let me know what you think!



One Response to NEW Expo Demonstration ChangeGrid

  1. Hi T,
    As you know I have an “old” grid that was blown up and offer 5 minute coaching sessions. It has worked great. I always collect business cards and then give out prizes to those who participate. It is fabulous – just fabulous. I get a high return of personal interpretations and full one hour sessions scheduled and it definitely leads to future business.

    Don’t stand behind the table. As you have pointed out, it works better if your table is behind you and you are on the floor in the mix with other folks.

    Thanks for the updated artwork. Hmmm…..

    Have a warm, relaxing Thanksgiving!

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