Puzzler: States VS Energies

Hi, Everyone!

Here’s a preview of the topic we will be discussing on the January 17th ChangeWorks Forum call. I wanted to get everyone thinking well in advance so we can have a great discussion.

What’s the relationship between the Response States and the Energies? How do we combine the ChangeGrid with traditional personality types? Which rules which — tension level or personality? Does this result in confusion or clarity?

During the discussion, we’ll take a look at the following 4 diagrams, proposing different relationships between the layers. What do you think each of these diagrams adds to our collective understanding of human behavior?

(Click on the diagrams to open them in a larger size.)

Please plan to join us two weeks from now when we will, hopefully, solve this puzzler!



3 Responses to Puzzler: States VS Energies

  1. Bob Rosen says:

    Here’s a link to Bill Reddin’s “3-D Management Model” that was a resource (along with Merrill and Reid) to the Bolton’s work on Social Style. Link

  2. G Sairamesh says:

    Wow, you continue to amaze me.

    I am keen to listen to your findings, state within a state. This is something like type within type w r t the psychological types.

    Rgds – Sai

  3. Steve Snyder says:

    This should be a great conversation. Two things occur to me. First we may be trying to conflate two different things. If I look out my front window, I see a different view than if I look out my back window – both my yard but I don’t think a lot about integrating the two views. Second, if you have a digital picture and continue to zoom in on it, at some point you begin losing info or what is there has no significance. Maybe drawing states within energies has some element of over zooming that reduces the significance of both.

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