2011 ChangeWorks Community Cruise

Hi, Everyone!

We’re in the process of compiling photos, details of key learning events and participant feedback about our cruise and will plan to share that with all of you in the next few days.  In the meantime, here’s a brief glimpse into a major part of life aboard the Carnival Freedom — EATING — beginning with our farewell toast at dinner on the last night. We had a total of 14 people in our party:

Ajai Singh, Alan Varagona, Paul Plamondon, Tom Freese, Dave Miller, Joanne Miller, Lynn Varagona and Alan Dobzinski

Steven Magnall, Linda Napier, Tony Magnall, T. Napier, Welyne Thomas, Bud Thomas

We actually spent 2+ hours eating dinner every night, mixing up the seating arrangements so we all had a chance to get to know one another better.  These photos were taken in the Posh Dining Room where we ate most nights — but we shared one very special meal in the Sun King Steakhouse, featuring amazing food, exemplary service and THE dessert that caused the reaction we showed in the last post … Ajai’s Citrus Cheesecake with Hazelnut Crust. Just LOOK at the size of this monster:

Truly a wonderful time with a GREAT group of people — and there’s much more to follow later this week!



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