2011 ChangeWorks Cruise Review

Hi, Everyone!

We wanted to share the fantastic photos and feedback we received from the ChangeWorks professionals who joined us on the cruise:

To reach the photo album, follow this link:


Here’s a few highlights of what they had to say:

1) What did you think about the mix between work time and pleasure?

“It was a good mix.” — “A bit more work would have worked for me.” — “What I appreciated about the lighter group schedule is that it allowed all of us to have more one-on-one time with T, and we could individually decide on how much time we wanted to spend with him. It also gave us plenty of time to meet with the other participants.”

2) Did you feel that you got more benefit from formal time (classes and coaching) or informal time (chats and meals)?

“Formal time definitely.” — “Both were very valuable.” — “I got more benefit from formal time in terms of my professional development, particularly around building my business. The informal time, though, was great for relationship building. Both are needed.”

3) Overall, what did you think of a cruise as the setting for the ChangeWorks conference?

“It seems to work for this type of venue.” — “It was a great combo of work and fun.” — “Excellent — would prefer a cruise over another setting.”

4) How did the conference enhance your role as a ChangeWorks professional.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 15+” — “Helped me identify how to leverage the ChangeGrid more effectively and creatively for my work.”

5)  What should we keep and what should we change for future ChangeWorks conferences?

“The 1.5 hour group classes were good.” — “Add a cocktail hour so we can stand and mingle and mix.” — “I liked the team-member-driven agenda format.” — “I’d like a couple more group sessions on the sea days.” — “Keep the cruise. Keep the 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Survey class topics before the cruise.”

6) What would you say to someone who was on the fence abut coming on the cruise next year?

“I came with an agenda and I got all I was seeking … and more.” — “Don’t miss it!  The ROI is much higher than you imagine – excellent coaching tailored to your business from T himself, wonderful people to spend time with and get to know, a relaxing vacation that can be as simple or eventful as you choose, and a perfect get away from it all so that you can update your business’ strategic plan.” — “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

7) What other comments would you like to share?

“It was great that you were so inclusive of our spouses/partners.”

We’re so glad that the professionals who joined us got so much out of the cruise and conference — and we hope to welcome so many more of you on our 2012 ChangeWorks Community Cruise.

There’s so much more to share — and we’re applying all of the feedback into our plans for the next cruise!

Details coming VERY soon!



2 Responses to 2011 ChangeWorks Cruise Review

  1. T,
    Glad you folks had an enjoyable time.

    Well before the talk of the cruise, there was discussion and tentative dates planned for a fall conference. For those of us who are landlubbers, will this be brought back on the table for 2011?

    I believe that the ROI would love to be shared by us as well.
    Thanks for thinking about it.

    • Hi, Kayte!

      We definitely have plans for creative ways for the landlubbers to get together — but rather than holding a conference, we’re planning a ChangeWorks Master Practitioner retreat. Details coming soon!


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