Our Christmas 2010 Dickens Village

Hi, Everyone!

About once every five years, Linda and I muster the gumption to set up our Dickens Village — a feat that takes dozens of hours by the time we lug over 20 huge boxes of collectibles down from the attic, unpack everything, design the village layout, run the wiring, install the roads, build the elevations, place the buildings, position the people, landscape the terrain and finally, make it snow — oh — and clean up the mess!

It’s over 20 feet long and fills over 60 square feet of  surface with 30 lighted buildings, over 400 trees, 217 villagers, a parade, a holiday bazaar in the botanical garden, a stream, a farm, dozens of birds and animals and a wilderness lodge area.

We absolutely love it when it’s finally set up  — and this year, Linda decided to photograph the village from a villager’s eye level and give you an idea of what it would be like to visit their magical world. Photographing miniatures isn’t easy, but Linda is quite an expert and produced some very nice shots.

I wanted to share the album with all of you — so just click on the photo below to access the gallery — and click on the slideshow button in the lower left corner of the gallery window to view them at full size.

We wanted to dismantle, repack and store it all before we left on the cruise — and that takes almost as much time as setting it up — so it will probably be another 5 years before we do it again.



Santa Completed a ChangeGrid!!!

Hi, Everyone!

Denny Stockdale, a ChangeWorks Professional in Minneapolis, has just completed a ChangeGrid with Santa Claus! You’d think Santa would be much further OutGrid with all that he has to accomplish, but the ChangeGrid shows he’s just taking it all in stride and going with the flow.  Here’s the result:

And if you want to know how Denny happens to know Santa, here’s a couple of pictures of Denny himself:

We’ll take a closer look at Santa’s ChangeGrid on Monday’s ChangeWorks Forum call —


Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice

Hi, Everyone!

For those of you who either slept through it or didn’t even know it was happening, last night a celestial event occurred that hasn’t happened for 372 years — a total lunar eclipse of a full moon on the winter solstice!  Among our many blessings is Linda’s sister Sally — a phenomenal fine art photographer based in Reno, Nevada. Sally decided to stay up late, trek out into the cold night and capture the event for us all to see.

Here’s 10 of Sally’s shots — click on them to open full size:

Obviously, this now proves that the moon really IS made of cheese!

Happy Winter Solstice!


PS — If you’d like to see more of Sally’s photographs, here’s a link to her website: http://www.sallyhanrahanphotography.com

Our Holiday Photo Shoot

Hi, Everyone!

Ah, the joys of the holiday season — fruitcake, friendships, festivities … and photoshoots! Here’s a glimpse into what we went through trying to come up with a decent shot:

Happy Holidays from Linda, Steven, Misty and Me —


Welcome Our New Colleagues

Hi, Everyone!

This past Thursday thru Saturday, I had the pleasure of conducting a ChangeWorks Practitioner Workshop for 10 wonderful professionals including several new students as well as veteran CCPs at the Homewood Suites here in Davidson.

In the front row: Sam Henderson, Lane Henderson, Dennis Hooper and Gail Oliveira — and in the back row: Laura Amundsen, Perry Holley, Natalie Zito, Cathy Maday, Regina Fasold, Jeff Wilson and me.

Join me in welcoming all of our new colleagues!


2010 ChangeWorks Study Update

Hi, Everyone!

We’ve just compiled the data we’ve collected so far in our 2010 ChangeWorks Study.  Of the professionals who have participated in the study to date, 89 self-identified as COACHES, 57 as TRAINERS and 48 as CONSULTANTS.

Question #1 focused on the ACCURACY of the ChangeGrid. Our goal was that 80% would Agree or Agree Strongly — and the results greatly exceed our goal with 100% of the participants across all disciplines attesting to the accuracy of the ChangeGrid.

Question #2 explored how VALUABLE the participants found the insights offered by the ChangeGrid. Our goal was that 80% would Agree or Agree Strongly — and the result far exceeds that at 99%.

Question #3 asked participants to share how valuable they think their clients would find the ChangeGrid. Again, our goal was that at least 80% would Agree or Agree Strongly — and we beat our goal by a huge margin.  While the differences are very small indeed, I find it interesting (disturbing, actually) that professionals found the ChangeGrid more valuable for themselves than for their clients.

Question #4 is designed to reveal the practical value of the ChangeGrid.  Again, we’re way above the 80% goal we had set, but I feel like I need to do a follow-up survey to figure out the difference between VALUABLE and USEFUL, particularly since the scores for Valuable are a bit stronger.

Question #5 was included in the study to satisfy a personal curiosity — does the ChangeGrid open a respondent’s eyes to new insights and understanding or does it simply confirm and clarify what they already knew … or BOTH? Our goal in this query was that 50% would Agree or Agree Strongly — but, as it turns out, we still would have met and exceeded our goal had it been set at 80%.  Bottom line for me is that I don’t believe the ChangeGrid ALWAYS reveals new information, so I’ve never set that as an expectation. That being said, I’m thrilled that so many people find the ChangeGrid Eye-Opening.

Question #6 asked the professionals to predict how eye-opening their clients would find the ChangeGrid — and their answers are VERY different from their personal assessments by a significant margin. Across all disciplines, the prediction is greater than the professionals’ ratings with the biggest difference reported by Consultants, who predicted a 15 point increase for their clients.

Finally, Question #7 asked whether the ChangeGrid affirmed what the respondent suspected was going on with them, and it does in a grand way, easily exceeding our goal of 80% in the combined Agree and Agree Strongly ratings.

So now, with nearly 200 professionals weighing in, I think it’s fair to say that the ChangeGrid is ACCURATE, VALUABLE, and USEFUL and will both AFFIRM what a client thinks about their situations and OPEN THEIR EYES to even more — and that’s all WONDERFUL things to share with your prospective clients.

We’ll talk more about the results on Monday’s ChangeWorks Forum call, so please plan to join in!


Linda’s Harvest Tree

Hi, Everyone!

On behalf of Linda, Steven, Misty and myself, I’d like to wish you all a VERY Happy Thanksgiving — and take this opportunity to let every one of you how much we are thankful for YOU.

For me and Linda, Thanksgiving has always been “OUR” holiday among our friends — so every year, while I’m cooking dinner for everyone, Linda creates a special Harvest Tree decorated entirely in flowers and berries and foliage she collects from our garden. Here’s a shot of this year’s tree:



Hope your holiday is happy and your harvest is abundant!