We’ve Moved the Blog!!

Hi, Everyone!

This is a VERY important announcement —

We have just completed migrating our blog from masterstream.wordpress.com to tensionmanagementinstitute.wordpress.com — and we have activated an auto-forward feature to instantly re-route anyone who goes to the old site to the new site.

From now on, all postings will made ONLY to tensionmanagementinstitute.wordpress.com — and I definitely want to be sure you don’t miss any of the events announcements we make every week, so …


Sadly, your subscription information couldn’t be transferred, so with my apologies, I’ll ask that each of you take a moment to go to —


— then CLICK on the “Subscribe to InStream” link and complete the subscription process.

In case you’re curious WHY we’ve done this, it was just to reduce visitor confusion and strengthen our branding.  Before, we were the Tension Management Institute operating a blog called InStream at a URL called masterstream.wordpress.com — and most of the postings are about ChangeWorks. So even though it’s a much longer url, we still think it’s still the right move to make — and most of our professionals will either bookmark the blog or just subscribe to it, rendering the length of the URL less of an issue.

Just to ease the transition, I will post next week’s events on BOTH the old and new blogs for the next couple of weeks, but please don’t wait to subscribe.

Thanks —



2011 ChangeWorks Cruise Review

Hi, Everyone!

We wanted to share the fantastic photos and feedback we received from the ChangeWorks professionals who joined us on the cruise:

To reach the photo album, follow this link:


Here’s a few highlights of what they had to say:

1) What did you think about the mix between work time and pleasure?

“It was a good mix.” — “A bit more work would have worked for me.” — “What I appreciated about the lighter group schedule is that it allowed all of us to have more one-on-one time with T, and we could individually decide on how much time we wanted to spend with him. It also gave us plenty of time to meet with the other participants.”

2) Did you feel that you got more benefit from formal time (classes and coaching) or informal time (chats and meals)?

“Formal time definitely.” — “Both were very valuable.” — “I got more benefit from formal time in terms of my professional development, particularly around building my business. The informal time, though, was great for relationship building. Both are needed.”

3) Overall, what did you think of a cruise as the setting for the ChangeWorks conference?

“It seems to work for this type of venue.” — “It was a great combo of work and fun.” — “Excellent — would prefer a cruise over another setting.”

4) How did the conference enhance your role as a ChangeWorks professional.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 15+” — “Helped me identify how to leverage the ChangeGrid more effectively and creatively for my work.”

5)  What should we keep and what should we change for future ChangeWorks conferences?

“The 1.5 hour group classes were good.” — “Add a cocktail hour so we can stand and mingle and mix.” — “I liked the team-member-driven agenda format.” — “I’d like a couple more group sessions on the sea days.” — “Keep the cruise. Keep the 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Survey class topics before the cruise.”

6) What would you say to someone who was on the fence abut coming on the cruise next year?

“I came with an agenda and I got all I was seeking … and more.” — “Don’t miss it!  The ROI is much higher than you imagine – excellent coaching tailored to your business from T himself, wonderful people to spend time with and get to know, a relaxing vacation that can be as simple or eventful as you choose, and a perfect get away from it all so that you can update your business’ strategic plan.” — “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

7) What other comments would you like to share?

“It was great that you were so inclusive of our spouses/partners.”

We’re so glad that the professionals who joined us got so much out of the cruise and conference — and we hope to welcome so many more of you on our 2012 ChangeWorks Community Cruise.

There’s so much more to share — and we’re applying all of the feedback into our plans for the next cruise!

Details coming VERY soon!


Cruise Update!!

Hi, Everyone!

I have a few updates I’d like to share about our upcoming cruise, :

1) The cruise is completely SOLD OUT — so for those of you who were considering joining us, I’m sorry to say your ship of opportunity has sailed for this year.

2) The “ChangeWorks Meet ‘n Greet Sailaway” gathering will be held at the “Endless Pool” bar area on the Lido Deck (Deck 9) Aft (back of the ship) at 4PM, which is the ship’s scheduled time of departure. If the mandatory lifeboat drill interferes with that time, just plan to join us at the bar immediately following the drill. Here’s a little map for you:

Endless Pool bar area, Deck 9 (Lido), Aft

3) Our Voyage Planner, Raul, has arranged for us all to eat dinner together — we have Late Seating, 8:15PM — but we won’t know which of the two main restaurants we’ve been assigned to until we board the ship.

4) Tuesday, January 11th and Friday, January 14th are our full days at sea. We would like to invite all of you to participate in a 60-90 minute educational program from 10:30AM to Noon. The programs will be held in the upper level of the Freedom Restaurant, Deck 10, Aft, Port side (that’s the left side of the ship as you’re facing forward.  We’ll commandeer a table or two for our meeting.  We can also scope out other places onboard for our meeting, but the restaurant is convenient and filled with yummy things. Here’s a little map of the area I’m talking about:

Freedom Restaurant, Upper Level, Deck 10, Aft, Port Side

5) Wednesday, January 12th we thought would be a great evening to enjoy the Sun King Steakhouse.  This is truly the finest food and service onboard and a wonderful reminder of how fabulous dining on a cruise ship was in the golden years of cruising. Reservations are required and there is a $30 surcharge per person which they will bill to your stateroom account.  We have asked them to set aside enough seats for our entire party at 8PM — but if you prefer to make your own plans for that evening, just let us know so they can make the seats available to other passengers.  The Sun King Steakhouse is definitely a spiffy, jacket-and-tie sort of place for the gentlemen — ladies, we never have to worry about how dazzling you’ll be!! The Sun King Restaurant is on Deck 10, Midship. Here’s a little snapshot:

Sun King Steakhouse, Deck 10, Midship

6) If you’d like to have a new headshot taken for your marketing purposes, a cruise ship is a great place to have them taken. The ship has a large team of photographers constantly taking photos of you whether you want them or not – BUT you can also request a photographer to take headshots of you on the “formal” nights.  There is no charge for having the photos taken — and if you like one of them, the cost is quite reasonable compared to headshots taken in a photo studio at home.

7) Throughout the cruise, I’m open for private coaching sessions if any of you would like, so please feel free to set up a time for us to meet.

8) REMEMBER to complete your FunPass documents and make your airport-to-ship transfer arrangements.

That’s about it for now — please call us with any questions you may have!


2011 ChangeWorks Requirements

Hi, Everyone!

In preparation for Thursday’s Gold Team webinar, I’ve prepared the following brief overview of the changes we’re rolling out for NEW ChangeWorks professionals beginning January 1st, 2011.


We will provide all the missing details on the call, but wanted to give you this information to stimulate your thinking.

2011 ChangeWorks Professional Overview

The Big Changes

For students enrolling AFTER December 31st, 2010 —

• The development plan has been formalized.
• The curriculum has been expanded and standardized.
• The tuition has been increased to $2500.
• Basic, Bronze and Silver team options have been eliminated.
• Gold Team is mandatory.
• A 12-month commitment is mandatory.
• Gold Team fee has been increased to $250 monthly.
• There is a worldwide limit of 500 Gold Team members.
• Candidates must meet a set of requirements to be eligible for enrollment.

For students enrolling BEFORE January 1st, 2011 —

• The development plan has been formalized.
• The curriculum has been expanded and standardized.
• The tuition has NOT been increased. (Still $795/$1,495)
• Basic, Bronze and Silver team options are still available.
• Gold Team is NOT mandatory.
• A 12-month commitment is NOT mandatory. (6 months for Gold Team)
• Gold Team fee is still $199 monthly.
• There is a worldwide limit of 500 Gold Team members.
• Enrollment is OPEN.


Key Success Indicators —

Over the course of the past 3 years and 250 students, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to succeed as a ChangeWorks Professional. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 15 Key Success Indicators and require candidates to meet a minimum of 10:

1) Ideal candidates operate full-time, year-round practices.
2) Ideal candidates operate practices focused on providing services to organizations and/or key executives within organizations.
3) Ideal candidates are well positioned to secure large organizational clients.
4) Ideal candidates count themselves among the brightest and best in the industry.
5) Ideal candidates are strong in both intellect and intuition — the concrete and the abstract.
6) Ideal candidates have 10 or more years of combined business and independent professional experience.
7) Ideal candidates have strong academic and industrial credentials.
8) Ideal candidates have a proven track record of success and currently bill at least $100K annually.
9) Ideal candidates are success-driven and highly money-motivated.
10) Ideal candidates are skilled writers.
11) Ideal candidates have strong existing marketing presences.
12) Ideal candidates are committed to completing the Professional Development Plan.
13) Ideal candidates are nominated by current ChangeWorks Professionals.
14) Ideal candidates have the ability to invest in themselves and their businesses without pain.
15) Ideal candidates are technologically savvy.


ChangeWorks Professional Development Plan —

Phase 1: ChangeWorks Essentials
Prerequisite: None
Format: 90-minute private webinars, one per week for four consecutive weeks
Fee: Included in Core Tuition

Phase 2: ChangeWorks Practitioner
Prerequisite: ChangeWorks:Essentials
Format: 2-hour group webinars, one per week for six consecutive weeks
Fee: Included in Core Tuition

Phase 3: ChangeWorks Master Practitioner
Prerequisite: ChangeWorks Practitioner
Format: 3-Day Live Retreat
Fee: Included in Core Tuition

Phase 4: Certified ChangeWorks Master Practitioner
Prerequisite: ChangeWorks Master Practitioner
Format: Written and Practical Examinations
Fee: Included in Core Tuition

Phase 5: Certified ChangeWorks Trainer — OPTIONAL
Pre-Requisite: Certified ChangeWorks Master Practitioner
Format: 3-Day Live Retreat
Fee: $2500


Core Tuition, System Usage & Support Fees —

OPTION 1 — $2,500 (Core Tuition) plus $250 per month (System Usage & Support Fee) for 12 months beginning after the ChangeWorks Essentials program ends. Renews at $250 per month starting month 14.

OR Save $1000 and 20% on the Usage and Support Fee forever:

OPTION 2 — $4,500 for the complete package, paid in 3 monthly installments of $1,500. Renews at $200 per month starting month 14.

We’d love to have your input on these changes, so please plan to join in on the call.  Follow this link to regiser:



Holiday Office Hours

Hi, Everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that our offices will be closed on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

We wish you a spectacular holiday season and a prosperous new year!


Charlotte ASTD Day of Learning

Hi, Everyone!

WOW — what a day this has been!

Our morning started at 5AM, getting packed up and beating rush hour traffic into Uptown Charlotte (ask me why it’s not called “downtown” sometime if you’re into municipal trivia).  The event was the Charlotte Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development’s annual “Day of Learning” which was hosted by Bank of America and held at their HUMUNGOUS training facility at their International Trade Center.

About 300 training professionals were in attendance for a packed schedule offering 13 presentations and a panel discussion with several Chief Learning Officers from Time-Warner, Lowe’s, Cisco, Ingersoll Rand, PDI Ninthhouse and Bank of America. They also fed everyone continuously and topped it all off with an open bar cocktail party and a HUGE drawing for dozens of great door prizes. They really did a fabulous job!

My presentation, “ChangeWorks: Modern Tension Management for Human Development Professionals” went very well if I do say so myself! We also hosted a booth and met dozens of wonderful people and many prospects for ChangeWorks certification. Here’s a shot of Linda and our booth:

By the time the cocktail party was over, the door prizes were handed out, we were packed up and back home, it was 8PM — and I’m heading to bed early to be fresh for the 3-day ChangeWorks Certification class I’m starting tomorrow morning!!


Offices CLOSED on December 1st

Hi, Everyone!

On Wednesday, December 1st our entire staff will be attending the Charlotte ASTD “Day of Learning” at which I will be presenting “ChangeWorks: Modern Tension Management for Human Development Professionals.” That means no one will be at the office to answer the phones or respond to emails.  We’ll be back to work as usual on Thursday, December 2nd. In the event of an emergency, please call Linda on her cellphone at 704-996-4590 and she will get back with you ASAP.